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Anon_239024 posted:
I am a 19 year old doing my under graduation in IIT Bombay. I recently met a psychiatrist and he told me that I am suffering from Bipolar disorder. I really dont know how to look at the situation.

As I seriously doubt that I am suffering from any psychological problems. I generally get "addicted" to pornography and masturbation. Again I really dont know whether I am really addicted. And so my mother just told me that she was taking me to a psychologist. I felt that he may give me some tips to help improve my efficiency and reduce distractions. But that guy turns out to be a psychiatrist and tells me that I am suffering from Depression. Later when my mother visits him he tells her that I am having Bipolar Disorder. He prescribed few medicines like Dicorate ER 500.

Now its really a tough decision from my side whether to accept it or not. As in falsely taking the medication does affect my life very badly.
But even neglecting the fact that I may have it also affects my life.

I generally trained myself from childhood in doing productive things extremely when I do enjoy them or if they help me get some goal. And naturally when we do things extremely we get bored and do not like to even touch them for a few days. So I feel that this general behaviour might just be due to a ideological conflict rather than a hormonal Imbalance.

I feel that any one who reads about bipolar disorder might feel that he may have it because every one goes through the mood shifts. But its difficult from my side to judge myself exactly as in the extremities.

I am really not being able to make a decision whether to accept it and start medications OR to just continue living normally. Please do suggest me

Thank you
I am sorry for being anonymous but please do understand my situation
bpcookie responded:
Hello Anon, Welcome to the board. If your not sure of your Bipolar diag. then it would be best that you see another pdoc to get a second opinion. Also, no need to apologize, many ppl use anon and we do not judge anyone for doing so. We totally understand.
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slik_kitty responded:
if you question it, then get a second opinion. if you are bp you need to be on meds, but if not, then the meds won't do you any good.
spinnato responded:
I agre, if you are wondering about it, a second opinion may be best.

I was diagnosed at 34 as being bi-polar II. When I was 20, I saw a doctor on my own for depression b/c I knew I was depressed. I spent many years on medication for depression and was frustrated b/c they didn't seem to help. All I knew was that I was way beyond sad or blue and that I'd lay around like a slug for days or even weeks on end. I never told anyone about the radical bursts of engery I'd get from time to time. I was just happy to have energy to do stuff, like clean my house, shop for groceries, and do laundry. I felt like superwoman because I needed little sleep and got so much done.

When I was diagnosed, I was shocked. All I knew about BP came from bad made-for-TV movies about women who were nuts. I didn't think I was nuts like that. I have a good pdoc and he helped me understand BP acording to me b/c my experience may be very different from bpcookie or Slik_Kitty or even yours.
Anneinside responded:
I would suggest that you read about bipolar. If you want a book, a good one is Bipolar for Dummies. This website and others such as have a lot of information about bipolar such as symptoms. Before you discount the diagnosis, learn about it.
Anon_239024 responded:
Thanks a lot !!!!! for all your suggestions..........
I am very confident now that I do not have Bipolar Disorder. That psychiatrist didn't even bother to see my hormonal test reports before giving the medication. Also my reports were perfectly fine excepting few calcium etc deficiencies which are no way related to bp. Now I am very happy and comfortable.........

Thanks a lot for all your caring suggestions..........

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