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What to do with a violent bipolar adult child
jdm308 posted:
I have a 21 y/o daughter, diagnosed with mixed manic depression. There is rarely any depression. she may seem normal for a few hours, or maybe a day. However, her general demeanor is tense and combative. She talks almost continually. Any interaction, or even attempting to ignore her will, in a few minutes result in an aggressive rage, of yelling and and aggressively trying to start a fight. Most of the conversation is insulting, accusatory, threatening, crying, complaining, etc. This may continue for hours on end.
She was recently in a locked psychiatric ward for 8 days. There is no apparent improvement. She is hurting my physical and mental health, and that of my son's. I need help!!! What are my options? Are there long term care facilities?
Please. Any ideas will be appreciated.
slik_kitty responded:
get a second opinion, because obviously what they are treating her for isn't working. is she med compliant?
jdm308 replied to slik_kitty's response:
Right now she is taking Gabapentin, and Ativan. If she doubles her reccomended Ativan dosage, she can maintain an almost normall attitude for a few hours. But from what I have read, neither of these are a very good choice for mood stabilization long term.
slik_kitty replied to jdm308's response:
definitely not a good choice for bp. an anti-convulsant and an anti-anxiety med are not going to treat her bipolar. she needs to be on a mood stabilizer like lithium or lamictal or one of the many others out there for bp. there are anti-convulsant meds out there used for bp, but i've never heard of gabapentin as one of them.
IrwinsLady replied to slik_kitty's response:
it depends on the person i guess. im on trileptal which is an anticonvulsant, klonopin for anxiety but also saphris which is mood and for schizo. so nevermind i see your point Kitty .
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jdm308 responded:
Thanks for the replies. Since she is 21, my input is very limited. She is at the point now it is almost impossible to have any conversation with her at all. For a few days in the hospitol, they were giving her lithium. I have no idea why they stopped. Unfortunately, I'm to the point I will need to get a prescription for xanax or something just to be able to maintain my sanity. She is now so intollerable, my biggest fear is someone who doesn't understand or has a short fuse, is going to hurt her or worse.
my10cats responded:
I took Gabapentin for fibromyagia, but I currently take epival, pprozac and lamotigine with great success. When I was young I had a great deal of anger from frustration. This was just futher amplified becase of my manic and hypo-manic phases. It wasn't till years later when stopped self medicating did I get this issue resolved.
You need a better shrink who works with a good therapists and try to get the mania under some kind of control. I wish I had it would have changed my whole life. But remember it takes time, and staying on the meds for the rest of her life. It will be the ONLY!! way she will find any peace in her life.

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