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Non prescription medication for Bipolar disorder
An_241861 posted:
I am a very concerned wife, my husband is bipolar and he feels that his medication is not working. He wants to come off of all his medication. He went to his doctor yersterday and got so mad at her that he stormed out. Now we are without a doctor. Is there anything that is not a prescription that has helped anyone. We have no insurance and are really stuck financially. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Non prescription medication for Bipolar disorder
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bpcookie responded:
Hello, I dont know of any nonprescription med. that can be used for Bipolar. Your husband probably should stay on his meds. Going off of meds cold turkey and with out a Dr.s order can be dangerous. I understand how frustrating it is when the medication doesnt seem to be working properly. There are places where you can get your meds free of charge or reduced price. I believe one of these places is NAMI but Im not 100% sure. There are others on this board who can give you the information. Good luck to you and your husband.
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Sandtiger responded:
There are natural suppliments that profess to be mood stabilizers, but those come at risk and are not advisable at all. Unfortunately, any medications need to come from a licensed physician [which I know, probably really isn't what you're wanting to hear right now...>.

Call your local Health Dept and get a list of their Mental Health resources; all offices have them, so if you're close to two different county offices, go ahead and call both. They will be able to provide you with local low cost or no cost treatments, and different medications have special programs you can go through for reduced prices - but again, those programs have to be applied for by a physician who is currently treating your husband.


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ddnos responded:
you can also go to for free or reduced medication, but of course, you have to have a doctor to prescribe them.

If your husbands meds weren't wroking, then maybe his doc needed to try a different med. Sometimes it takes a few diff meds before getting on the correct one for you. So I would encourage him to stay on his meds lest he go downhill really fast. And you can get help with meds t hrough the link above.

Hang in there

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bp_roller responded:
No. Speaking for myself, being sober or un-medicated is unbearable and dangerous for everybody around me. Can`t be sure the severity of his rage, but you truly have no control over yourself in a "hulk" like state. Smoked pot 24/7 for over two decades just to keep the "hulk" in check, as he had gotten me two felonies, with a third and it would have been prison for me.

Point being, if rage is his issue, he needs help before he does something stupid to himself or others. Don`t recommend the pot either, as it does little for the mania and the whole offing yourself thing. I do hope he finds it soon, as I know how hard it can be without insurence.
ponderr responded:
Hi, and sorry about what is happening with your husband. It is hard to tell with any amount of certainty what the real situation is that is going on, although it sounds like you might be trying to answer your own question without fully knowing what it is...doesn't make sense...just considering the possibilities. The main thing that I am wondering is what your husband became angry about initially. Is he looking for a way to deny that he has an illness, and taking it out via transference on the doctor unknowingly. Are his validations realisitic? Does he know where he ends and the illness starts? Does he feel weak for having an illness...or 'less than'? How were you getting medication previously from this doctor, or were you getting any sicne your stated you have no insurance? Is he really bipolar and how and from what resource was that determined.?
berta4000 responded:
Take the meds!

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