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    Far Out Friday Daily Post.....poss TRIGGERS
    mommaange1 posted:
    Morning everyone

    weather rain rain go away

    sleep restless

    mood my horoscope said I was aggressive but I feel anxious

    plans make stew, clean all I neglected. take son to tonight to therapy

    Have a good day!
    If We Couldn't Laugh, We Would All Go Insane :)
    tryforever responded:
    Good Morning Mommaange1!

    Weather is nice and sunny..

    Sleep: At least 6 hours straight..feel well rested.

    Mood: Anxious, not irritable..maybe -3

    Today I have respite work in the evening and nothing else planned. I haven't chatted with anyone on here for awhile...Wishing the baby would wake up so we can go for a walk..its a very nice day

    bpcookie responded:
    Hello Dahlings, If I sound spacey and I dont make much sense, its because I AM spacey right now

    Weather: very nice

    Sleep: uuuugggghhhh. Kept waking up. The dog woke me once last night. She was standing at the bedroom door looking out into the living room, growling and barking quietly. She was acting like someone was in the house. I woke hubby, he quietly got out of bed and took a look but the house was clear. It scared me. I swear, my dog saw something, I know she did, but Im not sure what she saw. Strange

    Mood: good

    Plans: not much. I have a seriously bad YI, Ive NEVER had one this bad before. Its just terrible. I didnt even know I had one because the Lyrica was masking the symptoms. So I will be taking it easy today.

    You all have a nice day and take care of yourselves. muahs
    I HATE being Bipolar. Its AWESOME!!!!
    mercygive responded:
    Good Afternoon All -

    Weather: Rain, cool and drizzly

    Sleep: Good

    Mood: Good

    Plans: Take today off and enjoy time with dh; run some errands. An elderly friend of mine is in the hospital. She has been a wonderful influence in my life the last 10 years and I hope that she can stay with us a little longer. Focus on more cardio workouts with bicycle cuz my feet are aching again.

    Have a hopeful day

    I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship.
    Louisa May Alcott
    beej5 responded:

    Weather: cloudy and gonna rain

    Mood: OK

    Sleep: good

    Plans: laundry and then hang out with a friend.

    tryforever replied to bpcookie's response:
    Hi Cookie! Miss all of you...
    bpcookie replied to tryforever's response:
    Hello TF, good to see you!!!! *waving*
    I HATE being Bipolar. Its AWESOME!!!!
    DizzyJgirl replied to bpcookie's response:
    Evening beepers

    Weather: sunny and beautiful

    Sleep: not good

    Mood: pretty good

    Plans: errands, went for a walk, did some yard work, laundry, dishes, watched baseball. Tonight, MORE dishes and relaxing.

    Cookie...this might sound odd (but it is me lol), do you believe Chewy saw "something" that you and hubby couldn't see?

    And I THINK we are getting a new puppy this summer! Do you want to know the funny thing...the pups were just born and I think the one we might get, the owners are calling her "Cookie" temporarily. I think that is a good sign.

    Hugs to all!
    Live Life Loud
    bpcookie replied to DizzyJgirl's response:
    aaaaaawwwwwww re Cookie. Ive been thinking about my dog Cookie lately. A few times Ive almost called my dog Chewy, Cookie. Yes, I dot believe that she saw something. The way that my dog was acting, the way she was growling and yipping, the way she was moving her head back and forth like she was trying to see more clearly who or what it was. Im SURE she saw something, I just dont know what. I stayed awake for a while after that, watching out the bedroom door, expecting to see something walk by. What do you think it was?
    I HATE being Bipolar. Its AWESOME!!!!
    DizzyJgirl replied to bpcookie's response:
    Hey sweets....maybe a "spirit"? I am hooked on that show "Long Island Medium" now. I hope I don't have an overactive imagination. While I haven't experienced anything like that (that I recall), I do believe others can. xo
    Live Life Loud
    bpcookie replied to DizzyJgirl's response:
    (TRIGGER) Hey honey, sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this. Ive always believed in spirits. When I was about 4 yrs old I saw something very strange but since I was so young, I thought it was normal. As I got older I had this ability to know if I was going to win something in a raffle, win a horse race, etc. Unfortunately, I never knew any of this until AFTER I bought the damn tickets. LOL Once I had the ticket in hand I just knew that I would win. Then I moved into a haunted mobile home. That place was CRAZY. Constant things went on, some of the things were quite scary and terrified me. My daughter, who was only a few years old, kept coming to me telling me that something had a hold of her arm and was shaking it. Now THAT scared me. Once I moved out of that home, all the activity stopped. The only thing I have seen since then and pretty recently, was my dog Cookie. But only brief glimpses. Now this thing with my dog Chewy the other night. Really weird.

    Oh, another thing, when I dream that my daughter has been crying, I will call her and ask her and about 95% of the time, she had been crying.
    I HATE being Bipolar. Its AWESOME!!!!

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