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Moody Monday Daily Bipolar Post/ poss. triggers
bpcookie posted:
Hello all my Beeper Dahlings, beep beep

Weather: too too hot, triple digits

Sleep: good-ish But Im still very very tired.

Mood: in the middle some where

Plans: cancelled my mammogram apt. because I woke up not feeling well. Not sure if its allergies or a cold. My nose is runny but its also stuffed up, WTH? How can it be both? LOL I wont be doing much of anything today.

Also, my estrogen has been boosted up from 3.75 vividot patch, to a 5.0 and they added an estrogen ring. Now I think my estrogen level is far too high because my hair is falling out like crazy. uuugggghhh. My hair had stopped falling out and was actually growing back and now that my estrogen has been messed with, Im going bald once more. Thanks docs.

Have a fab. day dahlings. muahs
The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. ~Ivy Baker Priest
DizzyJgirl responded:
Afternoon beepers!

Weather: rainy

Sleep: good

Mood: anxious but ok

Plans: puppy care. don't seem to get much else done besides that.

Take care of yourself Cookie. I know we are on the otherside of the country but allergies are hitting us hard this year.
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davedsel57 responded:
Hello, everyone.

Weather: Rainy and cool - right now 54 degrees heading up to the low 60's in WNY.

Sleep: Very good.

Mood: Almost soaring. See plans below.

Plans: I planted up 3 pots of annual flowers and trimmed down a large arborvitae bush by 50%. That's a huge accomplishment for my and my body. Now I plan to rest in my recliner for the rest of today and maybe even take a nap.

bpcookie, lots of people in our part of the country get symptoms like that often. A good multi-symptom allergy pill helps and/or a decongestant nasal spray. Hope you feel better soon.

DizzyJgirl, just like with children take the time to enjoy your dog while it is still a puppy. Lots of work but lots of rewards too.

Have a blessed and marvelous Monday, friends.
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bpcookie replied to DizzyJgirl's response:
Dizzy Dahling, puppy care? you have a puppy? Oh I want to see a pic. Give that puppy a kiss for me. You know how I lllooovvvveeeeee dogs. muahs
The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. ~Ivy Baker Priest
bpcookie replied to davedsel57's response:
Dave, I am disappointed. This is the first time I havent seen you write something lovely about your wife. But Im sure you are thinking lovely things about her anyways.

Ive been taking Nyquil and a nasal spray. Thanks for hoping I get better soon. Thats very nice of you.

Take care and have a good evening
The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. ~Ivy Baker Priest
melly2210 responded:
Evening all....

Weather: Hot humid and it looks like we may get our rainy season rains in a bit

Sleep: deep and dreamless and enough but I still feel wiped out.

Mood: Feeling positive

Plans: Well, I went to the gym this morning. Did 15 minutes of cardio to rev up my metabolism and then did all the weight machines to tone what needs to be toned....which is basically everything. Now I ache. LOL. Went to see my mom and we got a flat on the way. Changed it out to the donut, dropped the jack, and guess what? It was flat too! Called roadside assistance and had the car towed to a block from my mom's and $300 later, we have new tires. But my mom went through my plans for our craft business and made some really good suggestions about what to do and not do. So the whole day wasn't a wash. Now I am off to cook dinner - shrimp scampi over wild rice. YUM!

Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops... at all. ~Emily Dickinson
mommaange1 responded:
Good afternoon everyone

weather beautiful

sleep not good

mood confused aggravated

plans pick kid up from group which I am sure is not going to go well tonight he is really upset. Last night dh had a major fit and busted up my laundry room door with his fists. My son went nuts and told dh that if he touched me, he would kill him, and he seriously meant it. The tension around her is getting to everyone and it has to stop. All this started because in the middle of the night dh is talking to a girl several times a night, who he slept with in his 20's. He insisted they were just friends...blah blah blah and told me to call her to verify what he was telling me. So I messaged her on facebook. She wrote back pages and pages telling me about conversations etc and nothing was bad. So anyhow, this girl unfriended dh and won't return any of his messages. Naturally he blamed me for messaging her. So HE had me message her again, which I did according to what he wanted me to tell her. So finally she messages him back and tells him her husband went nuts and has read all the messages and said enough is enough. He did not know they slept together when they were young. Apparently he didn't know they were talking so often and at 1 or 2 in the morning. So yet again he blamed me when it was her husband who put an end to it and went on a rampage and mutilated my door. Scared me because he never even raises his voice. He has nerve though since he cheated on me after 7 years of marriage. Our anniversary is Thurs. So who knows what will happen before then. Sorry to carry on but I had to vent a bit. I am trying to stay quiet around the kids but I want to scream my head off.
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lexismom11 responded:
Hello everyone,

Weather: 63-cool

Sleep: Good but still tired

Mood: Anxious and worried

Plans: There were no real plans today. I ran some errands for my mom and myself. Walgreens for perscriptions and Target for a few things.

Not working or doing school work this week so I feel like I have nothing to do. But that is the point since I just go out of spending a week in the hospital.
margaroo replied to lexismom11's response:
Hello my friends!

Weather: Warm and lovely.

Sleep: OK, but I am having one of those days I want to stay in bed.

Mood: Anxious and depressed.

Plans: Not going anywhere until something changes.

Lots of emotional issues regarding my kids. I guess I am too sensitive, my husband's attitude it to let them talk, we did nothing wrong. I know better, wrong was done, but maybe as much as I feel guilty about. I am wallowing in guilt and anxiety. I wish instead I was wallowing in chocolate and a few cookies for substance.


Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.
mercygive responded:
Good Evening All

Weather: Very warm and I'm trying to write this in a hurry because I am sitting outside with citronella tiki torches and candle oil blazing, and trying to post this and eat my salad before it rains

Sleep: Good

Mood: Good, mild irritability (per my chart)

Plans: Work out, yoga (got a stiff neck) and read. Start taking Seroquel again had to split my pills all the way down to 25 mg cuz I ran out. I could've gotten a 30 day supply at my local pharmacy for $235 and that's generic. Let's hope Medco is really giving me what's on the bottle @ $10 for 90 supply????

Sweet Dreams and Big Hugs to those that hurting - and prayers too.
Choose life, God's Grace and humor - mercygive

WolfFaerie7 responded:
Good Evening Everyone!

Weather: Rain, some sun, and more rain highs in the 60's

Sleep: It was okay but not great

Mood: It was good then went downhill

Plans: I finished two books today. Starting another one. Hubby went to the basement and found two feet of rain water in the basement covering our furnance and electric water heater. I had to call the fire department to come pump the water out of the basement. Basement still has some water, so hubby staying home from work tomorrow to fix the problem. Hubby is not a happy camper about this cuz he came home from work with a swollen left hand again after going to urgent care. He was told not to move it or do any lifting see how well that turned out.


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