jaws86- lithium withdrawls
jaws86 posted:
New here. I have been on Lithium 300mg in AM/900mg at night for over 10 years now. Im going to talk to my doctor about this but I would slowly like to wean this drug off. Are there withdrawl symptoms?
bpcookie responded:
Hello Jaws, your not exactly new here, you were here 6 months ago. I kinda remember you.

Ive never taken Lithium but Ive taken other medication caused me terrible withdrawal symptoms. No fun.

My guess would be, if you weaned yourself off of Lithium VERY slowly then you may avoid the withdrawal symptoms. It took me 6 months to wean myself off of Lorazepam. Good luck to you.
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bipoet001 responded:
You should ask your psychiatrist or Dr. Goldberg. I've taken lithium since 1983. Lithium has a half-life of 5 days so requires little if any weaning. It is a natural element given as a salt generally. Going off it can cause a rebound manic episode and people who go off it risk the chance of it not working it they choose to resume it later. I'd suggest you consult your doctor and work to have another anti-mania agent in place before the lithium completely leaves your system. David
jaws86 replied to bpcookie's response:
I guess I was here 6 months ago, I suscribe to a few-thank you so much I really want to know if there is a person behind those meds
jaws86 replied to bipoet001's response:
Thank you so much-I see my doctor next week.