Tra-la-la Tuesday Daily Bipolar Post/ poss. triggers
bpcookie posted:
Good morning my little dahling Beepers, beep beep

Weather: trip. digits again

Sleep: not great. Im very tired still

Mood: cranky. I wish I would start menopause already because this up and down hormonal roller coaster is driving me nuts. Im also anxious.

Plans: Mammogram this morning. Yup, they are going to squish my puppies. My hubby hates how they do it. He says there are other, less damaging ways that they can do it besides squishing the Hell out of them. Then I need to get some blood work done that Ive been putting off for the last two months. Call my pdoc to let him know that Im out of medication because he neglected to call them in. I have about 10 phone calls that I need to make but I will prob. put them off until I have more than a 100.

hugs to all. muahs
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davedsel57 responded:
Good afternoons, all.

Weather: Currently 72 degrees heading for the upper 70's. Rained all night, clear now but more rain coming.

Sleep: I don't know, I slept through it. LOL. :
Slept from midnight until 6:30 am, got up to see my wonderful wife off to work for her 7:00 am shift, promptly went back to bed until 10:30 am.

Not so good. I have cold symptoms that are really bad today, plus higher chronic pain from the rain and I'm achy from the cold. Ugggghhhh.

Plans: Rest. Both my wife and I have physical therapy at 5:30 pm today. I do mine in their wonderful pool. I hope I can do it with this stupid cold. Probably will as it will help me fell better.

Sorry to be so whiny today. Anyone want some cheese with that?

Have a blessed and terrific Tuesday, friends.
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melly2210 responded:
Afternoon all,

Weather: Hot and humid just enough to make it miserable

Sleep: About 45 min

Mood: Manic and just plain angry

Plans: Got the call at 2 am from the step-daughter to go to the hospital. Get there, they hook her up and I knew based on the monitors she was gonna get sent home. At 5:30 they discharged her telling her the same thing they told her at her doctor's appointment yesterday. We took her home and picked up her laundry which she has no money to do it with and she was completely out of clean clothes. We came home at 7am with full intent to sleep. Scott did. After laying here 2 hours and still not sleeping, I got up. I ordered the dress for the wedding konline and shopped prices for a suit for S. Hauled myself to the laundromat with her laundry. Washed and folded it all. Came back and worked on the Save the Date cards for October. Now I am farting around online doing nothing. I am so manic it isn't funny. Oh and the anger part? I got an email from the ex's wife implying I want the ex back. Freakin idiot.

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mercygive responded:
Good Evening All

Weather: Sunny and hot

Sleep: Good

Mood: Good but irritable and tired

Plans: Worked; eat; workout. Tomorrow make appt with eye doctor for eye injury. I ran my eye into a twig this weekend and it's still red and hurts.

Sweet Dreams
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WolfFaerie7 responded:
Good Evening Everyone!

Weather: Rainy with some sun highs upper 60's

Sleep: Nightmares per usual and a really sore left side of neck not sure why or how I did that

Mood: Pretty good all things considered

Plans: I took the kids to therapy. Listen to oldest be the biggest goof of all today on the way home. Did some reading and a load of laundry but really need to do dishes. Therapy tomorrow and do some more journaling before therapy. Planning on going to the psych rehab for a couple of hours, pick up some of my meds, and possibly go to the library if I finish the book I'm reading Kings of the North by Elizabeth Moon.