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The cost of Bi-polar meds?
tschiman posted:
I did some searches on the board here and couldn't find information on drug pricing.

I finally have a job that offers medical insurance and am wondering what will be more cost effective for me in the long run and would like to know the full retail price of lithobid.

My choices between healthcare are one that offers namebrand drugs at a $40 co-pay, and the other has me pay 40% of retail cost.

Lithium is the drug I have used in the past with much success and will most likely be using that to manage my illness the majority of the time. I know that the generic costs about $30 without insurance so I don't need that information, but I have never paid for litobid and would like to know.

If anyone can help me out here that would be great!!

Phoenix1215 responded:
have you tried looking up the manufacturing company?
tschiman responded:
Yes, I tried that and was unable to find reliable information.

Although, I now know that I can buy my pills online from Mexico!!

But seriously, I cannot find information on another board, or a manufacturer website.
ddnos responded:
I've seen lithobid as high as $2 a pill and as low as .53 a i guess it depends on where you get it, but i see you found a way to be getting it from Mexico on sure you could also get it from canada - i did that years ago. I know i could look it up on the Internet, but I'm being lazy lol so what is the difference between lithium and lithobid? I I know that lithobid is a form of lithium, but my guess is that there must be something different about it, huh? It costs more, for one....heck, years ago, I remember I took it for a while, but it was so long ago that I don't remember why i went on it, or why i got off it and went back on lithium. So, do you know the difference? If you don't, could you do my homework for me and look it up and get back to me about it? lol Just kidding time to go to bed!

annmariew657 responded:

I just checked out walmart's site and you can get lithium up to 900mgs a day for $4 a month. I knew it wasn't too expensive.

hope7951 responded:
You can get an month's worht of any form of lithium at a Walmart or Walgreens for $4. All lithium is the same generic or not. It is not a drug but a metal dug up out of the group. The difference is the form wehther capsule, tablet, etc. Joye
mc1003 responded:
I found these prices at costco, of course you've gotta have a membership card, but here's what i found there

LITHOBID 300 MG TABLET SA(JDS) $62.93 (qty 30) $100.38(qty50) $192.05(qty)100

LITHIUM CARBONATE ER 300 MG TB(ROX) Generic Alternative $13.26(qty30) $19.02(qty50) $32.34(qty100)

LITHIUM ER 450 MG TABLET(WSW) Generic Alternative $13.37(qty30) $19.22(qty50) $33.05(qty100)

the wal-mart/walgreens sure does sound like a good deal to
maiden33 responded:
lithiium is one of the cheaper bipolar meds, lithobid should cost pretty much the same as generics or other similar brand, why don't you call the pharmacist and ask how much it costs??
leepharm responded: doesn't sell drugs but lists average drug prices. This is the Lithobid page.

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