Physical Illness A Trigger?
delora_anne posted:
I have noticed that whenever I get sick, migraines, infections or whatever, that I get a mixed episode with sobbing & excessive uncontrollable crying. Is this normal with bipolar? I would assume so since physical stress is still a kind of stress, and stress can trigger episodes?
mercygive responded:
Hello Delora_Anne
Physical stress can bring on mania or depression, or both for me, especially physical pain. It's an inconvenience to be sick or physically impaired and I get stressed out because I get impatient that healing is not immediate and pain lingers, and I get impatient because I am stressed out.

Therapy taught me the reason I get so stressed out over physical pain is because I was physically abused long ago, and any kind of pain or illness is a subconscious reminder of that stress because I lack control over it. Also, when we are at the height of an episode we are more at risk for physical injury and illness.
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lexismom11 responded:
I would say that physical illess does put stress on your body. So I would say that yes, it could be a trigger. Everyone has different triggers and for you it is physical illness probably due to the stress it puts on your body. I think it is perfectly normal.
Ms_Moodie responded:
This is something that I have wondered about also, as a woman with bipolar disorder, and I definitely have noticed that physical illness impacts my bipolar symptoms. I have two posts on my blog, My Big Fat Bipolar Disorder, that relate:
These forums are a great way to learn form and help each other. I found this thread to be very interesting.

Good health to you!



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