dntstaley posted:
I always thought of myself as a happy go lucky person. I thought I was the best and set high goals of myself. I have been through a lot in my life including the loss of my parents at a young age. With the help of my family doctor....I have been on Zolof/Lexapro and xanax and then Valium.
The valium sent me into mania. I finally went to a psychiatrist (with the direction of a long time friend) and now she is weaning me off all the the narcotics and weaning me on the bipolar meds. She was teetering on bipolar 1 or 2, she told me today I am 1. This is the worst one of the two. I am a total mess. I cry alot..I was never a crier. I get angrier than I used to. she said it is the SSRI syndrome, but Friday I am off all the narcotics. How long before I am "normal". I am scared to return to work, I love naps, and I have become a hermit. My husband tries to make me come out and then I get into a tizzy like last night I only slept 4 hours I was anxious. Has anyone been through this. Will I ever get back to work and what kind of person will I even be?
kittyqqq responded:
hi dnt,
yes you will get through this!! ive been through it a million times and it always gets better! just ride it out. give the doctors a chance to find the right meds for you....i have experienced all the symptoms you are describing. dont give up!
dntstaley replied to kittyqqq's response:
Thanks! did you feel alone and no one understands? Were you on the narcotics I was on(if you don't mind me asking)? If so wasn't it better to feel numb, or does the bipolar medicine really do wonders? I am sorry. I have been out of work a month and feel really useless.
mommaange1 responded:
just an FYI zoloft, lexapro, zanax and valium are not narcotics. If you truly are bipolar it was probably the anti depressants(lexapro and zoloft) that caused the mania. They are notorious for causing mania. Xanax and valium calm anxiety and the anti depressants help with depression.

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Anneinside responded:
Xanax and valium are both benzodiazopines and your sleep may be somewhat disturbed from coming off them. However, most people with bipolar, that I know, have problems with sleep. Doctors encourage you to have good sleep hygiene, meaning going to bed and getting up at the same time and not taking naps.

People with bipolar usually take a mood stabilizer such as lithium, depakote or lamictal. There are concerns that antidepressants can trigger mania but if you are taking a mood stabilizer you may be able to also take an antidepressant. I have also taken both since being diagnosed. It can take some time to find the right combination of medications to stay relatively stable so don't get discouraged. Remember there is no cure but with effective medication you can be stable.

As to who will you be? You will be who you always were.
dntstaley replied to mommaange1's response:
Xanex used to put me to sleep about a year ago it stopped that. I was always used to 4 to 5 hours of sleep. The valium was a new one prescribed last month by my family doctor to shut my mind down. Instead I went crazier. I was up to 5 a day and still could not sleep. My pdoc said that is what happens in bipolar people. Idk, i always thought i was just anxious now they are saying the depression. it does explain some of my mood issues and "triggers" and having to feel i have to have the last word and I am only right. but the withdrawls suck. thank you for your post. I am totally new to this
dntstaley replied to Anneinside's response:
I am on lamictal now. she is weaning me in because of everything else. I am now up to 50mg. I am assuming the mood stabilizer is the oxecarbezine. It is just crazy. I don't think my husband really understands. he just said i let my mind go too much and that i just need to let it go. I swear it is easier said than done. I wish i could be like him and just let things go. but i have been struggling with this for over 12 years. I just recently went to a pdoc. i tried a counseler 3 years ago to try and help and it did nothing. felt like i was talking to my bff's. Thanks for the response. I guess I just have to run the course. It is a difficult one. I wish i was never diagnosed. it makes things worse i feel. i have never been a crier and all i do now is cry. I am such a weak person now where i always thought i was strong.