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tmcgrath112 posted:
Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me out. I was diagnosed bipolar at age 21 off meds on meds till i was 23. Then I finally gave in and take my meds daily. I've been going through a depression for 2 months now, and drinking everyday, spending money like crazy, my meds don't seem to be doing what they used to (i kno its the alcohol prb but i drink therpuetically, just beers no liquor if i go on a bender i usually black out and sincerley can't remember anything this scares me my family has a bloodline of alcoholics ) I'm now being treated for Bipolar 1 with pyschotic symptoms. I've had atleast 3 or 4 episodes been in the hosptial twice in the past 3 years. I'm learning more about my disorder daily, and in my expierences my depression if idont nip it in the bud turns into a psychosis where im delusional and my mind is racing. I can now stop these feeling and usually pull myself back with help from friends and family I always thought mania led to pyschotic symptoms and trigger an episode. Has anyone had any expierences like this and shed some light on this subject? Please and Thank you
Anneinside responded:
You can have mania and not have psychosis. If you are having mania you are already in an episode so psychosis isn't triggering it. No one knows why some people have psychosis and others don't. I have bipolar I and have mania but have never had psychosis. I do know that is you don't address the mania your chance of becoming psychotic increases. Your mind racing is part of the mania, the delusions are from the psychosis.

Also, you can also become psychotic with depression. The good new is that if you have bipolar and tend to have psychosis, you won't have it between episodes. If you have psychosis when your mood state is "normal" then you would probably be diagnosed as schizoaffective which is a combination of schizophrenia and a mood disorder.
tmcgrath112 replied to Anneinside's response:
Thanks for the feed back, I dont have pyschosis when im normal, usually its only when I'm really depressed and something happens, stress, heavy stress triggers episodes and sometimes I don't evenn realize that its happening, I have had halllucinations in the past do to pyschosis but after upping my meds, (I take lihtuim and zyprexa) I come out of it quick. I live in NH and if you really want the help they will help you, but you gotta want it, really bad, and if I isolate myself forget it I'm a mess and want to drink and use. I def have my addictions and bad habits. I'm tryin so hard to break from these chains..

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