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struggling-may trigger
beej5 posted:
[TRIGGER] I have been feeling down lately. It hasn't been easy for the past few days but I had forced myself out of bed and keep the "happy" face on I am hearing things this past week and ended up cutting to stop it. I don't know how much longer I can make it. I take my meds as prescribed blah blah. I don't want people to worry about me. I will pull out of it. it maybe meds my need to be tweaked. I don't see the dr until the 16th of August. this past month has been a frustrating month because people were not listening to me. Then my VP got fried by the storm. everything else is fine. thank god.

lexismom11 responded:
Is there anyway to get in for an emergency appt? If you are hearing voices you probably need a med adjustment. Aug. 16th is a little over two weeks away. I would hate to see you have to struggle for so long until you can get to the doctor. Then you have to wait for a med adjustment to take effect. You know that though. Hopefully everything works out for you quickly. Good luck.
ddnos responded:
{{{{{{{{{{{{{Beej}}}}}}}}}}} Im sorry that you've not been doing well! Like leximom said, I would call your pdoc tomorrow morning to see if you could get in sooner. It can't hurt to ask, and if he can't see you sooner, maybe he can make some adjustments of meds over the phone. Either way, I'd give him a call tomorrow to try to get in sooner; that's part of his job.

Until then, hang in there and know that you are not alone!

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mozzergurl responded:


Is there any way you could get an emergency appt. with your pdoc? Or maybe just a phone consultation to see if your meds just need to be tweaked? 8/16 is 2 weeks away, are you sure you can wait that long? I understand the feeling of needing to cut, but maybe you should talk to a loved one or trusted person about so you can reach out to them when you feel that overwhelming need. I know how that feeling just consumes you, I had to make a promise to my bf that I would call or text him if I ever felt that way and that he would call me right away and just listen to me til I got it all out and the feeling went away... If it takes 2 minutes or 2 hours... Of course if he's working it can be hard and we can only talk for 5-10 minutes but he will make sure to call on his lunch or after work to talk to me for support... Do you have anyone that you can trust to do that for you? If not, please come to the board and post... I usually come on in the morning and in the afternoon then again in the evening, unless something comes up... which rarely does... But please reach out to someone...

Take care Beej5 {{{{hugs}}}}
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Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:
Beej5 I'm so sorry you are in a bad place hon. I want to remind you that hurting yourself is never the answer. (((((hugs))))) Please reach out for the help you deserve. Here are the Crisis Assistance link should you feel you need them.
I hope you check in with us soon. We are here for you.

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