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Seraquil XR for my 28year daughters(bipolar I) not working we are desprate
An_246926 posted:
Hi I am at the end of my rope my 28 year old daughter has been ddiognosed with manic bi polar disorder she has been on a drug called Serquil XR this medication has given her no real relief and her manic episodes happen every other week maybe if we are lucky every 2 weeks but during this time of calm she is mostly sleeping and is unable to care for my granchildren with out help. Her manic episodes last at least 5 to 7 days and are real hell for her family I can not seem to get her doctor to perscribe another medication for her or if there is even another medication for this we are desprate to have our girl back with us she also is suffering as she can't control what is happening. Please help me I am not sure where to turn or how to approch her doctor she has been on this medication for at least a year with no relief except for a few days after they up the dose she is at 400 mlg but is so extremly tired that she is non funuctioning we have her in daily classes but she is unable to attend because she is nocked out Please help me. We live in Chandler, AZ and have to use the state insurance I just need to know what other medicationss are avalibale for her and how to talk with the doctor or do you think I should change doctors as I have discussed the meds and she seems to just want to up the dosage instead of changing it.
mommaange1 responded:
Not that I can help much because I an not familiar with state insurance, but I can tell you about serequel XR. It works for alot of people to control mania, but the higher the dose the more of a zombie you will have. I know this for a fact because I was a serequel addict so to speak. I took more then double what your dd takes and was so out of it and all I thought about was sleep, being alone and basically after a point use it to escape the world. That was my experience and after winding up in the hospital and them redoing all my medications, I am now a usually pretty stable functioning person. Your dd seems to be showing similar signs to my reaction, so I would definately get with the psych and tell them she is not functioning and is still have frequent manic attacks. One thing though, your dd is an adult so she really needs to get in there and let them know what is happening if she hasn't given you approval to speak for her. They will want to talk to her and she needs to be honest. You didn't mention if she is active in her treatment or if she feels like this a problem. I personally never say it as a problem. I was escaping everything and could care less and neglected everything. If she wants to up the dosage with the results that your dd is having, I would have a sit down and or find a new doc with a new approach. I can tell you that living without being a zombie and being more stable is possible. My old pdoc just wanted to up the dosages, especially of the antipsychotics. My new pdoc has me on a whole new program, so finding the right doctor is the key. I am a new person, good mother, great wife, and a "normal" person or at least what can be expected. If you get someone to get her off the serequel, don't be surprised if she tries to get it back. Thats why I say I am a serequel addict. I would take it in a heartbeat. My son has his locked in a safe so I can't get it. It is like my heroin. But that is me. It has helped alot of people. Hopefully others will share their experiences with you. Best advice...get with the pdoc about a change and if you don't get satisfaction look elsewhere. There are lots of meds that in my opinion that are less damning. My psych team at the University Of Chicago says the first line of defense for a bipolar is a mood stabilizer like Lamictal and an anti depressant if it doesn't cause mania. Everyone has a different combo that works for is my combo

100mg Zoloft (anti depressant)
400mg Lamictal (mood stabilizer)
Ambien CR (to sleep)

before the looooong hospital stay I was on huge doses of 11 different meds. It's funny how I fought the docs about taking such a small amount of medication after having taken so much for so many years. But let me say, new docs, new meds make for a very happy new person people haven't seen in years.Don't know if I helped any but you need to do whatever you can to help your dd. Be persistent and united. Don't be afraid to speak up and disagree. It is your right and your dd's right. Good luck
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mozzergurl responded:
I take 1100-1200mg of Seroquel... so it just depends on the person how it affects them... Because even with that high dose I still have trouble sleeping... Although lately, I have been sleeping better but it's due to another med... Also, your daughter should be on a mood stabilizer... I take Lamictal 200mg .... I won't tell you all the meds I'm on cuz I'm still going through med changes... and I'm on a boat load of meds... good luck finding the right combo, but like mommaange1 said, you have to be your own best advocate.. be honest with your provider... tell them about side effects/ continued symptoms...etc....And don't let them overmedicate you!
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Anneinside responded:
Most people with bipolar end up being on a combination of medications in order to stay somewhat stable. There is such a huge amount of medications available that I couldn't come up with a list and really her doctor has to determine what to try next. Most people with BP take mood stabilizers such lithium, lamictal and depakote which are not sedating like seroquel is. About the only way you will get to talk to her doctor is to attend an appointment with her so you can tell him how she is doing.
tmcgrath112 responded:
try lithium mixed with an aintipsychotic i was on serequel didnt work for me still had manic episodes they put me on lithuim and in 2 weeks i was back to normal, with a combination of zyprexa, zyprexa is an anti-pyshcotic that i was told help thought patterns has worked wonders for me

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