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Backsliding into depression/ Pain/ Triggers
mozzergurl posted:
I've been taking my meds as prescribed, including the new antidepressant Cymbalta, but I still feel like my ship is sinking more and more everyday since Saturday evening. I had some relief when I was around my fiance's softball team yesterday, I think I feed off peoples energy.
But I usually just stay home and I'm only around my roommate and he does his own thing while I do my own thing… My baby comes to visit me but that usually happens at the end of the day, so throughout the day I'm usually lonely.
I keep busy cleaning, cooking, perusing the internet, studying the bible and sometimes watching movies… But I guess those activities aren't cheerful enough to distract me from my worsening depression…
I know it's because I'm cycling and I had thought I was in a mixed episode because I was depressed but still felt energetic, but today I feel lethargic and my severe pain is making my depression worse.
Today is my worse pain day in the last month or so… I went for a walk this morning and 10 minutes into it I couldn't take another step. My lower back was tight and throbbing in sharp shooting pains that would radiate down my left leg. It took everything in me to not cry on my walk back home…
When I got home I took two Tramadol 50mg and a Motrin 800mg and put ice on my lower back after about 15-30 minutes my pain went from a 10 to an 8 on a 0-10 scale… Not much of a difference but enough to keep me from crying in pain… Now my whole back and shoulders are in pain too… I'm going to have to talk to my PCP and have them refer me to a pain specialist…
But today, I've had no energy and I've been fighting off the feeling of cutting. I think my pain and accumulated lack of sleep is making my depression worse and is not letting the antidepressant do its job.
Thankfully I see my pdoc tomorrow, we'll see what he recommends… Whether to give it more time, increase the dose or change to another antidepressant but I can't go on like this… It's literally killing me!!
The Sanest Days Are Mad... - Morrissey
slik_kitty responded:
hugs. i hope you feel better today and that your pdoc will help you.
Anneinside responded:
Hope you are feeling okay now. I took Cymbalta for two years before going off it last year. Sorry, not new anymore... wish there was a new, BETTER, one out there.

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