staying sober or occassional drinks
tmcgrath112 posted:
been over 24 hours sincce ive had a drink and i feel great i might go out on the weekends and have a few is that bad?
ddnos responded:
HI there, if you are taking meds, then it's not a good idea to drink at the same time. Sometimes, it could even cause serious problems.

You said that you've gone 24 hrs since drinking, which makes me wonder if you have a drinking problem (?) If you do, then I would get help - mixing medications and alcohol is a big no no, and you need to get he lp with your drinking (if that's an issue for you ) before any medication is going to work for you.

Take care
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slik_kitty responded:
if you do have a drinking problem, occasional drinks is a big no no. it also messes with your treatment for bp and will serve to deepen depression.
ibex7 responded:
Please refer to my other post on main board re: good choices.
Advice from the Ol' Goat - be good to yerself.
lexismom11 responded:
Keep up the good work. It sounds like drinking is an issue for you and if that is the case, then you need to stay away from all alcohol period. I know it's not easy because this means not going out to have a few drinks. What you could do is go out, but don't drink alcohol, stick with soda or water. You have to be careful though because being around alcohol could tempt you to drink.