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Afraid4MyFuture posted:
Can't sleep. Meds wont work. Self medicating with happy drugs that are no longer working. Sad and depressed all the time. Feeling hopeless and alone. Start AP II for nursing school on the 20th and need to snap out of it. Relationship strain, no sexlife, no communication, no understanding and no support system. WOW! What is a girl to do?
neutralino responded:

Whatever you do, please don't give up! You are NOT ALONE! And most definitely, you are NOT HOPELESS!!! We've all been there and we've all come out soon enough. Call your psychiatrist and tell him your medications are not working. (How long have been taking these particular medications?) If you feel he is not not listening, consider finding another psychiatrist. Talk with him about your problems? If he is just a psychopharmacologist, consider looking somebody who is also a psychotherapist. Keep writing here. We're listening. We're here for each other. Please respond ASAP.