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skypper posted:
Hi everyone!
It's lil ole lost me!!!

I try to tell myself i will be here at least once a week to check in on everyone and say hello, though I am sorry to say it has not been quite so, though I do read at times from my phone.

So I have still been actively trying to whip myself into know I was hurting so long and with the back problems, migraines and asthma(mostly bothers me when hot & humid like this week) well it is NO easy task. I don't complain relly to anyone, but just about every time I work out I get pain and a migraine, but I just make myself keep going...and so far from my top weight I'm down 38 freaking pounds!!!!!!
From the weight that I was stuck at for what felt like forever, I'm down 24!!!! Bad news about that is I now have virtually no clothes, because nothing fit me so I got rid of it all...

I feel so much better physically...though I notice some thing returning like my hyper, insomniatic, tending towards manic nature...which wouldn't be bad if not for the things that come with that, mainly paranoia and some mild delusions or illusions, not sure which

I've gone from needing to take my pain pills several times a day to maybe a few times a week, which is a VAST improvement!

Things with the boyfriend have been really good...I can't quite put my finger on the "why's" but he is much better...idk...and I'm sure I must be different somehow too, but self-observation may not be my strong suit especially in recognizing my own faults because well how could anything be MY fault, right???? LOL

Hmmmmm, what else??? Kids are good, returning to school this week, except for one which I will be homeschooling, so say goodbye to any alone time for me! My doggies are good, though not very energetic with this heat wave that's been going on here, the heat is awful and its been so humid, YUCK!!!

I am hopeful that I will reach my goal weight by my birthday in October, that gives me about a month and a half to 2 months...I'm not gonna say it's easy because it's anything but! A ton of hard work pretty much every day and watching everything I eat or drink, making sure I eat enough of the right stuff and enough calories to meet my body's needs without going over and drinking enough water and getting activity every day, it feels like a full time job, I swear! ANd getting myself to exercise can be a challenge a lot of times because, well there's always a ton of reasons why I don't want to or can't or don't have time...bottom line there is if I'm looking for a reason or excuse I can always find one, I'm trying to recognize that and push myself to do it in spite of my perceived unpleasantness...

That's about what I can think of for now...I had so much more, but my thoughts are jumbled and unclear now, so i'll end it up here...

Truth is I've nvr fooled anyone.They didn't bother to find out who
bpcookie responded:
Hey Sweet Heart, its so good to see you. Things sound like their going great for you. wwwwoooootttttt. Im so happy to hear about the weight loss. You looked fantastic before but I bet you look even more bow chick a bow bow now. You need to put up a new pic. We want to see the new you.

About your pain issues. Have you ever tried Lyrica? My Gyno put me on it for my nerve pain and it seems to help my back pain a bit. Cant hurt to try eh?

Anyways honey bunny, so glad that your doing well. Ive missed ya lots. love ya. muahs
The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. ~Ivy Baker Priest
sandtiger responded:
Hey, MC!! *waves*

Sooo cool to read a full update from you, hun, instead of just a heya here and there! =D And though I haven't been able to comment on them much, the pics of the 'new you' are *awesome*, lady! I'm SO jealous!

Which kiddo have you decided to homeschool, and why? If everything okay with them??

~ San
:: Living is more than just being alive - Anberlin ::
skypper replied to sandtiger's response:
ok this is for cookie, a newer pic of me from last week or so...

and no, i've not tried Lyrica because I think it has anti-inflammatory properties which are a big no-no for me, deathly aunt has a similar prob as me and i believe she tried it and had a horrible reaction...its part of what frustrates my docs is my choices of meds are so limited...
I've never fooled anyone.They didn't bother to find out who
skypper replied to sandtiger's response:
Hi San!!!! My cute lil sandtiger I'm gonna pounce on you and give you GINORMOUS SQUISHY HUGGGGS!!!!

Thanks girl, but you know it's been a ton of hard, hard work, like literally working and sweating my azz off, like seriously, when i leave the gym i'm so disgustingly sweaty that my clothes are drenched, its GROSS and its painful and oft times i want to die or quit or both...but somehow i've been able to keep pushing even if i do take breaks every now and again...when I 1st started exercising I swore I was having heart attacks or strokes and was going to drop dead any second! LMAOOOO, I really did, i was quite worried and freaking out all the time!

I had a cheeseburger on Monday and omg it was good, even better than that were the fries!!! But I'm not used to eating out much anymore and couldn't finish it, which i suppose it or the best because i'm a french fry fiend!!! LOL

I'm homeschooling my middle child, Jesse, reason why is he's just too distracted at the regular school and doesn't do his work, its one excuse after another, his friend has his book, he didn't write his assignment, there's no homework, etc, etc... and I don't think he even passed half his classes for the WHOLE year which means that instead of being the 10th grader he should be, he's still a 9th grader and has been enrolled into the home-school program as such.
It's a huge headache, and the very last thing I wanted was him home with me all day every day, but I guess as parents we have to make sacrifices...*sigh*

But this program I found he meets with his teacher once a week, and they have teachers aids available to help if he needs extra help, though I'm thinking I still may look into a tutor for Algebra because that is my weakest link there and I'll be of no use to him in that dept...

I just hope it all works out, he talks and acts motivated to do his work and not only catch up but work ahead but only time and his actual actions will tell...I am hoping for the better!

I've never fooled anyone.They didn't bother to find out who
bpcookie replied to skypper's response:
OMG!!!!!! Girl you are HOT!!!!!! I mean total bow chicka bow bow material. Love the hair too. Your like a Barbie Doll. Oh girl friend, if I had your looks I would be showing it off. I mean low cut shirts, short skirts, tummy shirts and a wiggle with my walk. It got it going on. Can you say SEXY?
The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. ~Ivy Baker Priest
mercygive responded:
Hello Sky -

I did not realize you were such a lovely young woman! Good for you for your weight loss. Your success has inspired me to get going with my workouts again. I don't think I will have the same results as you but I know I will feel better if I try.


Mercy Hun
Choose life, God's Grace and humor - mercygive

skypper replied to mercygive's response:
@cookie, lol, oh man you have me laughing over here, you're so funny and cute, i do ok, though i do need new clothes...i got rid of a lot of stuff because i never want to go back, only forward...

@Mercy, you can do it! really! you can!!!
Do you remember last year I could barely make it around my block, sometimes I couldn't even get out of bed and walk around my own house because my back was so was most awful, I was that way over 2 tired of waiting on my sloooooowwwww azz docs for everything and would pop a pain pill or two and go for walks around the block, little by little my walks got longer...then i started going to our little gym here, then i found out my insurance covered a gym membership so i started going to the bigger gym, slowly adding more exercise and intensity and eating *mostly* healthy, though i do still have the things i like, just not all the time or every day...I try to drink a lot of water and add veggies to most my food, i used to hate veggies, now i like them, lol

thanks for the replies ladies, i miss you all
I've never fooled anyone.They didn't bother to find out who
bpcookie replied to skypper's response:
a while ago I was losing weight like crazy for no apparent reason. I was losing way too much weight and started to get worried about it. I got down to 118 lbs. Then my Dr. started me on Lyrica and with in a few months Im a Moose. Im like 138 lbs now. All my clothes were a size 7 small and now I cant squeeze my Moose azz into any of my clothes. Now I need to buy Moose clothes. This whole up and down weight thing sucks.
The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. ~Ivy Baker Priest
Chris_WebMD_Staff replied to bpcookie's response:
I LOVE seeing my family!! Thank you for sharing the beautiful you Skypper, inside and out sweetie!!

Life is too short, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly.
Author Unknown
skypper replied to Chris_WebMD_Staff's response:
Awwww thank you Chrissy!
I misss and think of you all every day!

Now cookie, you are no where NEAR moose size! Unless you count a cute and cuddle itsy bitty baby moosey
I would love to weigh 138, I'm a bit aways from that still...and I think you're taller than me, so I'd bet you look perfect right now you sexy mama you!!!
I've never fooled anyone.They didn't bother to find out who
bpcookie replied to skypper's response:
LOL nice to see ya again Michelle my dahling. Lyrica has caused me to bloat up, like one of those Thanksgiving day parade flying floaty things. I look kinda like this

Hey, call me sometime girl. *Cookie sings "Heres my number, call me maybe" lol
The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. ~Ivy Baker Priest
skypper replied to bpcookie's response:
Oh my gosh, you do not look like that! lol
I need to call you, I'm so bad about doing that and remembering all the things I've told myself I'm going to do...I like that song too
I've never fooled anyone.They didn't bother to find out who

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