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Thinking Thursday - daily post may contain TRIGGERS
melly2210 posted:
Morning...figured I'd get a head start today

Weather:: as he!! followed by rain and massively hotter and more humid he!!

Sleep: Well it's 1 am...I took my meds at 10pm....and I gotta be up at sleep in sight

Mood: Down...and sinking slowly into that hole more and more everyday

Plans: Try to remember to take the prednisone which is, of course, not on my insurance formulary (seriously?). We got to family court today where there will likely be the inevitable confrontation with the step-daughter and hopefully we will be able to invoke grandparent rights to see the grandbaby. Need to remember to do my PT exercises for my wrist. Saw the Ortho yesterday. I MIGHT have broken one or more of the 8 bones in my wrist but there is too much scar tissue on it from my break when I was 7 or 8 to be certain. The injury is already a month old, so not much they can do about that. There is also 28 different ligaments and tendons in your hand, wrist and forearm. How do I know? Because an MRI can't tell them apart and is a waste of time. So basically the Ortho wants me to wear this big heavy ugly brace taken off to do heat therapy 3x day and my PT exercises. See him back in 2 weeks so that whatever pain is left they can isolate to one of those tendons or ligaments. Basically I wasted $30 in copays to tell me what I already know. My wrist is damaged and has possibly been broken. <insert rolling eyes here> Oh....and there's news on my mom. Long story but for those of you who pray, please add her to your prayer list. I might be losing her shortly and having to make a lot of life decisions on her behalf. I hope not...but given my luck and hers...who knows?

Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops... at all. ~Emily Dickinson
beej5 responded:

Weather: will be hot in the 90's

Sleep: not much too restless worried about catching the bus on time to take me to work.

Mood: anxious and irritable

Plans: work and wait on a call about my glasses today. Got a hold of them yesterday and they said they need to talk to the lab person to see if they have the lens needed to make the glasses. I just pray that it works out. i really not ready to go back to work today either.

sandtiger responded:
Morning, peeps!

Weather: muggy and dreary

Sleep: like a log

Mood: kind of like the weather. Trying to stay awake and positive.

Plans: work, get off at 4:30, pay the bills, go to pick out a cake for Bran's b-day party on Saturday, then to my writer's meeting tonight...

~ San
:: Living is more than just being alive - Anberlin ::
bpcookie responded:
Hello my Dahling Beepers,

Weather: SUCKS!!!! Its been cloudy for days and all that does is make it humid. Ive been wanting it to rain for months but if it starts raining today I will be pissed. Our Landscaper is supposed to come today and do the yard and dig up a huge palm tree. I HAVE to have the yard done because of the party Im throwing this weekend.

Sleep: good

Mood: good/bit antsy

Plans: My uncle is coming over today and bringing with him a projector, screen and some slides. We are going to use that at my mothers surprise party as well. I need to dye my hair and get rid of these gray's and rub on some more Tan Accelerator Gel(to cover my ugly legs). Call Landscaper to make sure he is coming today.

Thats it so far. Peace out my lovely's. muahs
The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. ~Ivy Baker Priest
DizzyJgirl responded:

Weather: sunny and beautiful

Sleep: ok

Mood: down, anxious and irritable

Plans: nothing. puppy is being awful today. I guess she senses something off with my mood. I feel guilty and mad at myself but just doing nothing today. Was going to go get groceries but don't have it in me.
Melly...thoughts and prayers coming to you. Beej good luck with the glasses.
San nice to "see" you
Cookie..when is the party? Sounds like the plans are coming together. What a wonderful thing you are doing.
Hugs to all.
Live Life Loud
bpcookie replied to DizzyJgirl's response:
Party is on Sat. Last week I started getting anxious and overwhelmed with getting it all done. Now Im doing ok since most of the things are taken care of. My step mother thinks she is coming over for my home made chili. Boy will she be surprised.
The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. ~Ivy Baker Priest
mercygive responded:
Good evening all,

Weather: Overcast, hot and humid

Sleep: Good

Mood: Still a bit lethargic and trying to get rid of a sinus headache.

Plans: Eat, treadmill, yoga and reading. Blood test results came back 'great' my cholesterol was lower than last time — love that fish oil. I am weaning myself off of the Seroquel. Should be completely off by next Friday when I have my pdoc appt. She will have my blood test results and we can go from there. Need another combo that doesn't cause excessive sleepiness in the evenings when I still have a little life to live and in the mornings when I am driving.

Sweet dreams,

Choose life, God's Grace and humor - mercygive

mommaange1 responded:
Good evening all..It ia almost Zzzzzzzzz time

weather was beautiful today

sleep ok

mood kinda spacey and anxious

plans well had a family doc appt for a check up and refills. Had him sign my form for my handicap placard and he gave me Lyrica for the neuropathy in my leg, ankle and foot due to nerve damage from my last back surgery. I think I told you that I fired the marriage therapist and found a new one. New guy is AWESOME. He understood and figured out more in one session then the other one did in four weeks. He wants us every week together and not separately. I think this guy is going to help us fix everything. I had such a good feeling about him
If We Couldn't Laugh, We Would All Go Insane :)
WolfFaerie7 responded:
Good Evening Everyone!

Weather:Sunny bright high 81

Sleep:Pretty good

Mood:Pretty good

Plans:I didn't make any plans. I did some reading made homemade chicken and waffles for supper tonite. My knee started throbbing so I had hubby wrap it up for me. I can't seem to wrap it up myself. My plans work on re~arranging my linen closet for what to keep, give away, and just throw away tomorrow. Work on laundry and dishes too. Do some journaling as well and make some phone calls too!


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