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Third-rate Thursday- some postings my be TRIGGERS
margaroo posted:
Good afternoon, my friends! Where the heck is everyone?

Weather: Finally a break and the temp is about 89.

Sleep: I wake up every 2 hours, no matter when I take.

Mood: Shifting. I have a lot going on and I feel the pressure.

What's been going on....Yesterday I saw a neurosurgeon who recommended I have surgery on my lower back. I asked to see him because the other therapies have not helped, but I was surprised at the amount of work that needed to be done. I am not one to get freaked out about surgery (or anything else medical), but he was explaining the surgery to me the old "never get back surgery" message was playing in the background. The pain I was attributing to fibromyalgia was really my spine. I gotta get this done before I become cracked more than I am already.


Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.
melly2210 responded:

Weather: Hot, humid. But unexpectedly dry

Sleep: Not nearly enough

Mood: Depressed as all get up

Plans: Did some canvasing with my manager this morning. Had lunch with my mom and step-dad. Now off to a sales meeting. Exhausted.

Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops... at all. ~Emily Dickinson
mommaange1 responded:

sorry to hear about you having to have back surgery. My first surgery I had rods put in from L2 thru S1. The main reason that they say never to get surgery is usually you will need another. My second was to remove scar tissue that grew around the rods and caused more pain. The 3rd was to remove part of disc or something. 4th surgery was to remove all the rods which I protested about because I didn't want to fall apart. I was freaking out. The 5th surgery was to implant a spinal simulator which is kinda like a pace maker but I have electrical cords implanted into my my spinal cord and a box that controls the leads implanted in my hip. It is controlled by a outside unit which turns the electrical stimulation up or down. I have a charger that charges the magnetic thingy in my hip. It's weird, cool, and it works real well. One thing that I developed from surgery was nerve damage in my left leg, ankle and foot from someone screwing up and damaging a nerve in one of the surgeries. Not sure it's a good thing or a bad thing but after the simulator and lots of recovery, things are well except for my limitations from the long fusion in my back making me sorta stiff and not very bendy and the neuro stuff which I just found Lyrica a miracle drug. Hope all works out with you
If We Couldn't Laugh, We Would All Go Insane :)
mommaange1 responded:
Good Afternoon

weather surprisingly HOT haha

sleep great

mood moody was crying in the car again on the way to the atty. I am just all over the place

plans not much now but dinner. Watching a terrible movie right now....really watching...right
If We Couldn't Laugh, We Would All Go Insane :)
mercygive responded:
Good evening all

Weather: Not too hot

Sleep: Awful

Mood: Could be worse

Plans: Pdoc appt this am. Upped my lamictal 300 mg and seroquel 300 which I can cut into thirds if 150 makes me too drowsy and its cheaper to order that way for 30-day supply since new insurance won't be effective for another 30 days. Today, the total will be a whopping $250. Pdoc didn't like the thoughts I was having since I had weaned off seroquel so up-up an away — next stop and start is risperdol. My job was very stressful this morning and required 4-square breathing and IT worked! I was a barracuda afterwards. Finish painting mirror frame and start painting the living room.

Maggie — My mom has spinal stenosis and refuses to have back surgery. If she didn't take Ambien she couldn't sleep due to the constant pain. Hope your surgery goes well if you decide to have it.

Momma and Sweet Pea (hope you don't mind me calling you that Mel since you like sweet peas) -- Hugs

Sweet dreams
Choose life, God's Grace and humor - mercygive

WolfFaerie7 responded:
Good Evening Everyone!

Weather:Sunny bright high 76

Sleep:I over did it again

Mood:Blah not sure why

Plans:I had plans but didn't follow thru with them. I need to go to high school to fix grade program my kids are apart of and find out bus schedule too. I have to wait until my dad stops by before doing this though. Work on laundry and dishes. I also need to sort thru my hope chest and drawers for clothes I'm not wearing any more to give to GoodWill. No other plans besides reading a book. Wait for hubby to come home from work.


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