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!Wonky Wednesday!
skypper posted:
good morning all in webmd bipolarlandia!!!

Thought I'D do todays posty since I am sleepless in the saddle

Weather today will be hot, 105 or so is predicted....

Sleep equals nada,because i'veded a super-Dee-duper bad migraine from heck falls that just won'ttntt quit! have head ice packs on since around 10pm or so, ao got a frozen numb head still in pain and taken 3 norcos all to avail....

Mood is nnonnotnnonnotnnonnotnnonnotta so good as ye can very well imginate, down and dirty...

Ihave a meeting today with my sons teacher for his homeschool, to turn in work, get more, ask questions and its FIRST thinng in the morning as soon as drop off my other childrens at their respective school, my son and daughter BOTH get out early today AND had told them iwould give their friends rides home today too...course didnta know i-a-wassa-gonnna feels so lousy today yesterday....ahhhh welll, i'll-a-be's-ok, I'd-a-always am right? then after can come home serve some leftovers and go cry....oh needa work out somewhere in there somehow too....that's gonna be my "for-me" thing today, going to do however much or lot or little exercise as i-am-a able to...

Is that all? hope i'm-a-not forgetting anything, i-haven-a got or figured out what all we added to the daily postings yet.

Have a happy humper day peeps, we're halfway through the week, keep it up keep on keepin on ansa show me those perdy smiles

Loves yas alll!!!
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DizzyJgirl responded:

Weather: sunny and beautiful!

Sleep: so so

Mood: more anxiety, mood so so

Plans: first day of school for youngest. Putter, do some cooking, take it easy. Would be better but pita is home today and tomorrow. I need some ALONE time!

Hope everyone has a good day!
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beej5 responded:
morning to you too

Weather: Hot 90's

Sleep: too much

Mood: depressed

Plans: get things ready for work and have T appt this afternoon and have VP conference this morning.

I just plain don't feel good. All I wanna do is curl up back under the covers and sleep.
WolfFaerie7 responded:
Good Evening All!

Weather:Sunny bright high 85

Sleep:Pretty good


Plans:I have therapy today which totally wiped me out along with a migraine. I didn't go to psych rehab today either. Kids had a good first day of school. I did some reading and napped today but not much else.

bpcookie responded:
Hello dahlings

Weather: it was too hot

Sleep: good but Im still tired

Mood: up and down

Plans: not too much because of my LSC pain. Watch Football tonight

Hey Michelle honey, so sorry to hear you had a migraine. You poor honey. I hope you feel better. muahs

Dizzy Dahling, I remember that I would get so excited about the first day of school. Wearing my new outfit and new shoes. Hope your child enjoyed it. Big hugs

Hey Beej Baby Cakes, I know how you feel. I went back to bed with a piece of chocolate cake and then took a nap. I hope your doing better hun. huggers

WF Sweetie, Wow, you have a migraine too. I feel for you and Michelle. I hope you feel much better, real soon. muahs
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mercygive replied to bpcookie's response:
Good evening

Weather: 80s

Sleep: Good

Mood: Irritable

Other: Salad loaded with tomatoes, onions, crushed croutons and chick breast with balsamic vinegar for dinner; tuna and apple for lunch; 2 miles treadmill; 15 min yoga stretch; and, mood chart. Sciatic nerve flared up yesterday and mild today. I have one of those clay thermal packs that can be heated in the mw so took it to work and now to sleep. Take a pain killer. I hate physical pain. No hair cut I didn't feel like waiting.

Tomorrow Plans: Must wake up early for work, come home and paint depends on dh masking. What moron said this painting project would be finished in a week? Du-u—uhhh.

Sweet dreams
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