Chrissy/ Giants vs. Cowboys
bpcookie posted:
I dont have to ask if your watching the game, cause I know you are. Its half time and the Cowboys are winning, bbbbooooo bbbooooo. Hopefully the Giants will make a come back in the second half. Everyone in our football pool picked the Giants. Hope they win hun.
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mattthecat responded:
I am not trying to offend any one but I have to say root root for the home team. GO COW BOYS. great first game.

Chris_WebMD_Staff replied to mattthecat's response:
Uh Hmmm The home team was the Giants.

Oh heck, it was a boring game and yes I'm saying that cause we lost! But my chicken wings were "winning"!

But Matt I have to say it was a win for us that night anyway, we got our super bowl rings!

I do hope you guys have a better season than last year! Are you ready for some football!!?

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mattthecat replied to Chris_WebMD_Staff's response:
I am not the biggest football fan but ready or not I will know all of the play by play because all my coworkers think the cow boys are going to win big this year and are making sure i know all of the details. No matter what the cow boys will be my home team since i can see there stadium from my home. yup big year for foot ball. I hope your team does not let there first game set the pace for the whole year.
Thanks Chrissy