Silent Sunday Daily Post - May Contain Triggers
ddnos posted:
Good afternoon, everyone! - are we all still sleeping?

Weather - to be in mid to upper 70's

Sleep - pretty good

Mood - good

Plans - go for daily walk, maybe bra shopping - ugghh I hate doing that, and just chill out - will have a busy week ahead

Have a great day

Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different --Unknown
DizzyJgirl responded:

Weather: sunny and cool

Sleep: ok

Mood: still down but functioning

Plans: went to the movies (3D Finding Nemo). It was nice to get out (didn't have to drive). Made me feel a tiny bit better. Still not motivated at all.

See Pdoc on Tues. I know I will get there and make light of my recent moods. I have to fill out a survey before I go which I did yesterday and was pretty honest but once she goes over it with me, I will dismiss everything. I can't deal with the idea of changing meds.

Debbie, I hate bra shopping too. I don't have one that fits me correctly

Hope everyone has a good afternoon/evening!
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ddnos replied to DizzyJgirl's response:
DJ, sorry you are feeling down, but glad FInding Nemo and getting out made you feel a bit better!

I didn't go bra shopping today - figure that Sundays are not bra shopping kind of days lol Maybe this week -we'll see. I better do it soon though, or the ones i have are going to disintigrate right off of me lol
Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different --Unknown
mercygive responded:
Weather: Raining for 3 days; cooler

Sleep: Horrible not falling asleep until 3 -4 am or so; headaches

Mood: Okay house too quite so every little noise too loud and don't want to sleep with tv or music

Plans: Finished painting half of the house and no projects on my mind; stayed inside all weekend no reason to leave; fold laundry; read; call boss and ask for Monday off; I am craving sugar and could eat it right off the cane.

Hope everyone had a good weekend

Sweet dreams
Choose life, God's Grace and humor - mercygive

WolfFaerie7 responded:
Good Evening Everyone!

Weather:Sunny bright high 72


Mood:Okay but now I have cold ugh

Plans:I did some laundry but not enough. I did some reading too. Mostly relaxed and busy fighting a cold.