Hot tea?
sandtiger posted:
Does anyone here drink hot tea? If so, what kind do you normally drink? Is it just because you like it or to calm down, or to help you sleep?

What about any other 'comfort' drinks?

Just curious …

~ San
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jselleck responded:
I grew up drinking sweet tea from the time I was in my teens till a year ago when I gave it up in an attempt to lose weight. ( I like it really sweet.) When my mom started working for a local nursery a fellow employee suggested she mix peppermint tea with water to keep her cool during the hot Indiana summers. She also started adding flavored to the tea the family would drink. I especially like to use Celestial Seasons' Apple and Spice. It's really good whether drank cold or hot. We use Blackberry tea for diarrhea, and peppermint for cramps and sore stomachs. Sleepy Time tea is good to help ya to sleep and I've heard good things about green tea but I'm just not brave enough to try it. Hope that answers your question. Have a nice day.

mercygive replied to jselleck's response:
I grew up drinking sweet tea too. My mom used to put about ? to a whole cup of sugar in the pitcher.

My favorite comfort hot tea drink is spiced chai tea with a little milk or cream sometimes with or without a sweetener. Maple tea made in Canada, orange or lemon tea with honey, mostly I drink green tea with a drop of stevia.
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DizzyJgirl responded:
I am a coffee girl. I love the smell of tea but not a big tea drinker. I will drink flavored tea when I don't feel good (Raspberry Zinger seems to be my favorite).
My oldest likes Peppermint tea when he doesn't feel good.

Do you put honey in your tea? I don't know much about it but think I remember my friend doing that.
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bpcookie responded:
I usually drink hot tea when Im having asthma problems. I drink Breath Easy tea, it has Eucalyptus in it and it smells and tastes great.
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sandtiger responded:
There's a really good vanilla caramel tea that I get from the store - not sure what brand but its a bit on the pricey side. I've discovered I like black teas mostly, and I've recently been experimenting into mixing and making my own. The other night I had fresh mint tea with some cinnamon and a few drops of vanilla.

I got an 'energy' tea mixture from a place downtown and it was decently good. Also got a sleep mixture from them, too, but haven't tried that (by "mixture" I mean where they took the fresh herbs and mixed them together in a bag; you have to get a sieve for them and boil the water, not just make it hot).

I have Sleepy Time tea, but for some reason I have trouble finishing a cup, not because I get tired but because I guess I really don't have a hankering for the taste. Maybe I'll try it with a little honey or a little vanilla next time, see if that changes it.

~ San
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CanadianDyanne replied to jselleck's response:

like JS, I like the celestial teas as well, my fav is the sleepy time hehe.

My other hot tea is Red Rose, of course and that is also what I use to do my fresh sun-brewed-tea for ice.
I was raised surrounded by swt tea drinkers, but I like 1 sweet & low w ice.

Just like my java, I like my hot tea straight up