Tired of feeling up&down with this Bi-polar
DDem23 posted:
Today is Fri Sept 28 2012, I(don) been dealing with this for many yrs.....in the last few its getting more challaging, back & forth to the Drs & my counselor.... Feel inaddequit and nervous at times(today) then Ihave few good days.. I'm on seriquil and cymbalta for the past yr... it seem to help some .....but I sometimes just cant work around our home ormy job......
lexismom11 responded:
I can understand your point of view. I have been dealing with this for many years even though I have only been diagnosed for a few years. It has been more challenging the last few years. There have been more episodes of depression and they are harder to deal with. I too have spent a lot of time going to Drs appts and therapy appts. I am having a hard time right now so I can understand when you talk about it being hard to do house work. It's the same thing I experience.
DDem23 replied to lexismom11's response:
Thank you:)
beej5 responded:
I can understand your frustrations of going up and down and not getting balanced out. I know I have good days and bad days. Hang in there and sending hugs to you.

I am currently on Depakote, Abilify, Klonipin, and Clonidine. There are certain meds out there I can't have due to my other disability.

All I can say hugs to your way.

DDem23 replied to beej5's response:
Thank you bee,God bless, Don