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severe bipolar II depression - off my medications
indigofem1 posted:
I'm 48 years old and was diagnosed at age 29 as bipolar II. Im ultradian and medication-resistant. Not just for bipolar. I have epilepsy, g grand-mal seizures, due to an AVM on the language centers of the b brain. I had brain surgery at age 27, but ruptured a berry aneurysm on the oppposite side of the brain. My seizures worsened and I developed status epilepticus. I was once hospitalized at bellevue hospital with status epilepticus for 6 days in intensive care. After over a year of trying, bellevue sent me to another epileptologist. At first there was no improvement...I had tried everything, allready. Then I found lamotrigine and my seizures diminished to one every 3 months. I had neurological problems with it, but the real problem was that my as-yet-undiagnosed bipolar disorder w was greatly enhanced by the lamotrigine. I was diagnosed by dr. A Alper. The first anti-depressant I was on, zoloft, worked, however it was the only one that worked. Cymbalta, at 120 mgs/daily, sort of worked. Then it stopped. I lost faith in mental health. I've been off my medications for about a month and I'm cycling between sobbing in public, severe depression, and screaming anger. I have tried every anti-depressant, except for pristiq, which wasn't on the market, yet. I have heard that it is not a good anti-depressant. I found inderal by pure accident, but it sounds like a good medication. I'm not exactly healthy. I have epilepsy, a genetically malfomed kidney, with stones, and working at 18 percent - the other kidney works at 80 percent, though. I have an auto-immune system disease, hashimoto's hypothyroidism, probably due to lithium. I have what seems to be the beginning of hhyperparathyroidism...all the symptoms, but no growth, yet. I have a few other psychiatric problems, such as ocd, pstd, borderline pesonality disorder. I've had anorexia for 1 year and bulimia for 33 years. The bulimia was treated with several treatments to topomax. I'm overweight, my blood pressure is slitghly elevated, my cholesterol very elevated. I'm taking keppra and crestor. I would like, if possible, to be informed as of where I can go to try inderal. I read about dr. goldberg, too. Mount sinai used to be my hospital, 20 years ago. Thank you, Cristina siegel
Joseph F Goldberg, MD responded:
Dear Indigofem1,

Inderal, a beta blocker, is sometimes used to counteract tremors caused by various medications. It is also sometimes used to treat "stage fright." It is not thought of as a treatment for mood problems. Any doctor can prescribe it if they thought it was indicated.

Dr. G.

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