Tapping Your Toes Tuesday Daily Bipolar Post/ poss. triggers
bpcookie posted:
Hello my dahlings

Weather: hot

Sleep: uuggghhh

Mood: ok

Plans: I have a follow up apt. with my pain specialist to talk about the procedure that they did. So now they can start fixing my back and neck. Today my entire back hurts like the dickens. May do some Halloween decorating in the front yard today.

Have a good day dahlings. hugs
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beej5 responded:
Afternoon Cookster,

Weather: low 60's and cloudy out

Sleep: good

Mood: so/so

Plans: emails and phone calls. I am getting annoyed people aren't returning any of my messages. Whats wrong with these people.

DizzyJgirl responded:

Weather: grey but ok

Sleep: not good

Mood: blah, very anxious

Plans: need to make dog biscuit, went and picked up meds earler. Probably not much more than that.

Hope your appt went well Cookie.
Beej, hope you get your phone calls.

Have a good afternoon/evening all!
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margaroo replied to DizzyJgirl's response:
Good afternoon my friends!

Weather: HOT, above 100.

Sleep: Woke up a couple times because I was stiff and needed to change positions, but overall, good.

Mood: OK, a bit overwhelmed about what needs to be done and my ability to get things done.

Plans: Appt with my doc for my pre-surgical physical, blood lab, off to Costco to get my glasses repaired then out to dinner with my husband and MIL.

I'll be in bed by 10.

Hugs to all,

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lexismom11 responded:
Good afternoon

Weather: 64 and sunny

Sleep: Not good

Mood: Depressed and anxious

Plans: Took my mom to a doctor's appt today and got her perscriptions filled. Made spaghetti for dinner. Not much else going on.