landonsdaddy posted:
have bipolar nos and black out time to time if i comit a crime while i am having a mental black out should i go to jail or get treatment for my disoder
bpcookie responded:
A court room Judge would best be able to answer that question.
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slik_kitty responded:
you don't have the choice of jail or treatment. the court decides what you get for it. having a mental illness is no excuse for committing crimes.
Anneinside responded:
My nephew has BP. He was driving erratically and chased by the police. He believed they were going to kill him. After he finally stopped the car he ran. Evading the police is a felony. He was deemed, in court, to be unable to assist in his own defense and was admitted to a mental hospital. Once he was released he had to return to court. He was found guilty of a felony and put in jail for 9 months. They certainly knew he was mentally ill but he was still held responsible for his behavior.
landonsdaddy replied to Anneinside's response:
it wasnt that bad and did he have a advocat