Beautiful Thursday post-May Trigger
beej5 posted:
Morning all,

Weather: supposed to get up to mid 70;s or 80's and sunny for one day before more clouds and rain.

sleep: good

Mood: so/so

Plans: well I have work today and when I get home, I need to fold my clothes put them away. Then start preparing for next week. I will be extremely busy.

Oh, I finally got my new glasses and got a second pair ordered as a backup in case something happens to this one. I hope not cuz its in my favorite color. It feels a bit weird because the left eye I can see much better than before but I can see the clear band the doctor put on while in surgery to repair the eye from retina detachment. That is pretty scary.

I am thankful that there is medication out there to help with inflammation. That really made the difference in the healing process. I think have to be on it forever. Just like BP meds I have eye drops that I have to take everyday forever. It sucks but its important to take care of your eyes. I cherish my vision.

bpcookie responded:
Hello Dahlings

Weather: still too hot

Sleep: pretty good

Mood: ok

Plans: I hope to go shopping for a few things. Perhaps do a bit more decorating in the front yard. Do some chores. Football is on tonight.

You all have a great day. muahs
The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. ~Ivy Baker Priest
bpcookie responded:
Beej Honey, Im so glad that you finally got your glasses.It took them long enough eh?! It was a good idea that you ordered another pair. You have a great evening. hugs
The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. ~Ivy Baker Priest
DizzyJgirl responded:

Weather: rain

Sleep: ok

Mood: okish...anxious and feel "foggy" but functioning

Plans: went grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry.

Ok...I have been feeling paranoid about something lately. This is new to me (or hasn't happened in a very long time). I don't really know what to do. I do see my tdoc tomorrow.

Beej, so happy you got your glasses finally.

Cookie, have fun with your activities today. You know it is odd but usually I get very depressed at the end of baseball season (seriously!) but this year, it is almost a relief to have it over. lol

Take care.xo
Live Life Loud
jselleck replied to DizzyJgirl's response:
Hi guys!!! Greetings from the Lone Star State!!!

Weather okay. What can I say it's state fair time!!!

Mood okay

Sleep. Not enough. Had to get up early to wait for the city inspector. The city we live in inspects the rental properties in town once a year to make sure the local land lords are up to code. Today was our turn.

Plans. I'm so proud of myself. After a lot of pain and sweat we got our apartment clean and up to snuff. We even rearranged some of the furniture.. I might even have room for a new bookcase in the b edroom. If I can talk Matt into it that is. Still have a ton of laundry to do and fold. I hate folding laundry!!! Got two hampers done this morning. I think that's going to be my limit. Two a day. Should slowly get thought the mess. My dad went to IU for his yearly check up and everything is still good. No signs of the cancer returning and his blood work was great. Next hurdle is his bimonthly doctor vists. Medicare only pays 80% which leaves him paying over $500 each time he goes. Somehow they'll come up with the money. At least I hope so. Everyone else iin the family is doing good. Today is my favorite Aunt's birthday. She's 66. Whish I was home to celebrate with her. Matt says maybe next Christmass. Wish we weren't having such money problems. Hope to put aside part of the tax refund to go home for christmas. Every year when I call that's the one thing everyone asks. When you going to be home christmas?? My family on mom's side has this big get together the saturday before, has for years. I remember going to one relative's or the other's house as a young child and opening my gift, eating too much, heck one year we even sang carols then the next day went to see the lights in union sqare in Indianapolis. (my aunt and uncle lived in Greenwood which is a suburb) Lots of good memories. I miss them. But enough boo hooing. Hope everyone has a good day. I made pumpkin muffins earlier. Gonna have a couple and try to finish the book I've been reading. Take care. Peace.

bpcookie replied to DizzyJgirl's response:
Dizzy Dahling, I have days when I feel paranoid too. Hope you have a good evening hun. muahs

JSelleck hun, You sound like you have been very busy today. Punkin muffins sound yummy. Have a good night. hugs
The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. ~Ivy Baker Priest