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cwalt posted:
hey im cj. im a 24 year old male and my moods are very tough on my relationships. and not just my current one and even extends to my family. my current gf had an uncle with bipolar and she says that she sees a lot of similarities. im not sure if this is just a couple bantering or if i have a serious problem. i had a pretty rough childhood fraught with neglect, mental and physical abuse as well. ive been in and out of various clinics and "psyche wards" throughout my childhood and into adolescence. the doctors diagnosed me with schizophrenia when i was 9 but it seems to have gone away. (unless theres something i missed) throughout adolescence my foster mom and i were always arguing. we argued for so long i forgot what it was about and who started it. often i would jump from topic to topic and be so angry that she wouldnt stay on topic. to her i was scary. i was very unpredictable when i wanted to argue. however in my opinion i felt very justified with my anger. and to top it off i wouldnt stick to my convictions. more often then not i would apoligize for losing my temper even if i still felt "right" because when i get to arguing its very hard to stop. i raise my voice and condescend when you cant understand what im saying when in reality im taking my frustration out on you because im frustrated with myself because ive just realized its way past the point when i should have stopped. my current girlfriend feels this way. i love her and i dont want to make her cry but thats all i can seem to do. and she isnt the only one who has told me i need help. do i have bipolar? and if so what can i do about it? what are some of the things you the reader (if applicable) have done to resolve your own bipolar issues? im so confused and want this resolved
bpcookie responded:
Cwalt, You have taken the first step, being that you admit you have a problem and you need help. The second step would be for you to see your family Dr. If he/she thinks you may be Bipolar, then she can refer you to a Pdoc. A Pdoc. can diagnose you and give you prescriptions. If you are Bipolar, medication is a must. Also you may want to see a therapist. A therapist can help you with your anger issues and other emotional problems.

So, you have taken the first step, now take all the other steps. Things can and will get better. Good luck to you.
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