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Welcome to Wednesday Daily Post; Possible triggers
DizzyJgirl posted:
Good morning!

Weather: grey, supposed to rain later

Sleep: ok

Mood: mixed maybe

Plans: clean, shop

My mood seems to be more on the manic or mixed side. I have some energy! is weird but I have to grab it and go! Weeks (months?) of depression have left things in shambles and now I am go, go, go. I suddenly had to clean out my attic this week. I want to totally redo my kitchen, fix my bathroom that has needed fixing for MONTHS. I am afraid this mood will suddenly go and I will be left with unfinished projects that I can't deal with. But I try not to think about that.

And...GOOD mail day yesterday!! Thanks for a sweet card I received from a sweet sunshiney girl. Made my day, my week. Left it out for my family to see that SOMEONE is thoughtful and thinks about me.

There was a small earthquake near Montreal last night. Will have to ask my boys if they felt it. I was sleeping.

Ok, must go burn some energy. Have a good day and be good to yourselves! xo
Live Life Loud
beej5 responded:
Morning all,

Weather 52 and will go up to 60 degrees and its sunny.

Sleep: so/so

Mood: can you say mixed I have some energy but am tired at the same time. Ughs I hate the cycling.

Plans: phone call, lunch date with a friend, and laundry. Lastly, I gather all the information I need to take with me when I leave to go north on Friday. Hopefully I get some good news soon. It will make my day.

Its been a rough few days since I am in a mixed episode and I just hope I don't go manic because my mouth tends to get me into trouble when manic. I did call pdocs office and left them a message but haven't heard back from them yet. Odd though. Maybe they are waiting til next week when I return from my trip. So we'll see.

bpcookie responded:
Hello all my dahling Beeper

Weather: its nice at night and in the mornings but during the day its horribly hot

Sleep: ok

Mood: ok

Plans: Not sure yet. It all depends on my chronic pain and if it will behave itself today. I really need to get my hands on some used shower curtain rods. Need it for Halloween. May work on the purse I'm making or may end up doing nothing.

Have a good day all. muahs
The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. ~Ivy Baker Priest
jselleck replied to bpcookie's response:
Hi ya'al. Hope everyone is doing good. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well beej.

Weather. Cool and nice. Got the windows and screen door open.

Sleep. Got more than I have been lately. Nice for a change.

Mood. Doing good. Missing my family.

Plans. Play around on the computer. Wash and fold some laundry. Maybe do some reading. Talked to my mom this weekend. Dad had his six month check up at IU and every thing checked out. Just waiting for his protein levels to come back. He doesn't have to go back til April. Thankful for that. Grandma is doing better too praise God. Hope everyone else's family life is doing as well. Take care my friends.

mercygive responded:
Good evening everyone -
Weather: Nice and cool
Sleep: Good but hard to wake up
Mood: A bit overly sensitive
Plans: Worked; give Ray a bath; treadmill and yoga if time
Dizzy — Hope you have fun painting your house. Once you get started and see the new colors it's hard to stop and it takes longer than you think
Cookie and Beej — Hope you both have a better day tomorrow
J — Glad your dad is doing better. I did see your post and Ray is starting to feel right at home. Hope you and your Peabody are getting some rest, hopefully, together.
Sweet dreams to all
Choose life, God's Grace and humor - mercygive

lotus replied to mercygive's response:
Hi you yall
weather: low 90 which is better
Sleep: Good, I have no problem sleeping. I have a terrible time getting going in morning. I procrastinate something horribly.
Mood: hypomanic, life of the party
Plans: I saw my pcp. My thyroid hormones are all mess up. Both my TSH and T4 are low. I have to a U/S done. Doc said this could be effecting my mania and wieght gain. I gained 10 lbs in 2 months. I can' t STOP eating and shopping and spending money!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish you yall a restful and peaceful night. Donna

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