Options for Bipolar Anergic Depression and anhedonia
razau posted:
I have bipolar anergic depression. I am currently taking 600 mg qd Lithium, 12.5 mg qid Tianeptine, 100 mg qd Modafinil, 150 mg qd Wellbutrin, Thyroxin, B-complex and multivitamin.
Although the depression is slightly elevated, the anhedonia is debilitating. Anxiety is greatly reduced, cognition is better, I don't sleep as much.
I dont want to take Atypical Anti-Psychotics and would not like to take SSRI's
What options do i have? What could I add to what I am taking to decrease anhedonia.
Previously I was on carbamazepine and effexor for 7 years. Made me unproductive.

thank you
purpledolphingirl4 responded:
I am sorry to hear your frustrations with your medications. I am also frustrated with mine too. But, atypical anti-psychotics aren't all bad. I take Abilify and have not gained any weight from it, but everyone responds to meds differently than others. I know I don't respond well on certain meds so it is a trail and error basis until your doc and you find the right combo. I think thats the key to success. Hang in there this shall pass. Keep working with your doctor about your meds.

razau replied to purpledolphingirl4's response:
I'm really sick of this illness.