Terrifying Tuesday Daily Post - MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERS
davedsel57 posted:
Hello, everyone. Figured I could start a daily post. While my family and I really do not celebrate Halloween, I felt a title in the spirit of the season would be OK.

Weather: Got lots of wind (up to 60 mph) and rain in Western New York. All area schools are closed. Now it is clearing up.

Sleep: Very good.

Mood: Good.

Plans: My wonderful wife is working until 2:30. I did unloaded/loaded dishwasher and it is running. Wiped up counters. Think I got some of whatever my younger son has had. Hitting it with OTC meds and now will rest, maybe nap.

Have a blessed and terrific Tuesday, friends.
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bpcookie responded:
Hello my dahlings

Weather: not too bad.

Sleep: ok

Mood: ok

Plans: need to finish up some decorations for the yard for Halloween. It takes me weeks to set up for Halloween but only takes me and hubby a few hours to tear it down. Going to watch some horror movies today and then tonight is LOTRO night.

You all have a great day. hugs
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