Worn out Saturday daily post, possible triggers.
jselleck posted:
Hey guys, hope everyone is having a good Saturday.

Weather: Warmer than yesterday but still chilly.

Sleep: Not enough. Woke up when Matt came in, couldn't get back to sleep.

Mood: Tired and depressed.

Plans: Try to figure out how I'm gonna get through next week and this week-end. Seems like the sky is falling in no matter what we do. Check engine light came on again yesterday on our truck and the guy that we usually use for back up on the week-ends and when we''re having vehicle problems is having trouble with his own car. I burst out laughing hysterically when Matt told me. Couldn't believe the horrible luck we're all having. I just want to curl up in a ball and hide. The check still hasn't come, and the post office has no idea where it is. Have no idea how we're going to pay for the repairs on the truck this time. Hoping it's something the dealership did wrong. Only bright spot this week is my dad is over his cold and doing better. Even went to a buddy's house last night to watch the IU game. Hoping they won. Hope everyone else is having a better day than me. Take care.

monkeybee responded:
Weather: Cold!

Sleep: Little. I've been going to sleep, waking up after 2 hours and then staying awake again. I thought that the meds had me sleeping but maybe it was just a low mood.

Mood: Still good but anxious

Plans: Shopped and helped put up Christmas decor while its not completely freezing. Hopefully I'll sleep better tonight.