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What To Do on Black Friday?
ibex7 posted:
How to handle the urge to shop and spend on this most tempting of unofficial holidays. In fact, the whole weekend following Thanksgiving is a question for me. What do you suggest for entertainment? Please post a follow up with your ideas.

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How do you spend ($$?) your free time Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Go shopping for bargains until you drop.
  • Take in a recently released movie you've been waiting to see.
  • Chum around with visiting relatives and friends.
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ibex7 responded:
Since I'm single, I can always watch football on the TV. Do any of our lady members actually LIKE to watch football?
jselleck replied to ibex7's response:
Like you I have the problem with what to do this week-end. My family is lake 800 miles away and I'm so tempted to go shopping. I admit that I am going to the mall this afternoon with a friend, but I'm under strict orders to only got to the three stores that I've agreed to with my husband. I'm not saying that I might go to another store, but like my friend Josh I hate the stores on black friday and the day after Christmas. I usually stay home the past few years because my husband works and when I was working I usually had to also. So this year is a treat for me. I know that really doesn't help you, but that's what we do.
lexismom11 replied to ibex7's response:
The only football I like to watch is the Green Bay Packers. I'm from WI so I have to support the home team.
lexismom11 responded:
Watch movies is always a good way to distract from the temptation of shopping.
bpcookie responded:
I did the Black Friday shopping with my sister once and it was like shopping in the middle of a herd of Elephants. I will never do that again.

I am spending this Thanksgiving weekend with my dear hubby. He took the whole week off and we have had a blast together. We didn't go any where, we just stayed home. We watched tv, played LOTRO, pigged out and set up Christmas decorations. I love it when my hubby is home.
You may go through life hearing a 1000 NO's but don't give up because your YES is out there waiting for you.- (Something my father told me.)
slik_kitty replied to ibex7's response:
if i had someone to watch football with i would watch it more often.
slik_kitty responded:
I actually went shopping on black friday. i was forced to though. needed a new washer and dryer and couldn't pass up the deals that were out there. so ended up getting me a good deal. then hit a few other stores since i was out. got another really good deal at gamestop. it wasn't advertized or written on the game, but i got a $50 game for $25. i'm so glad i went in there, cuz my son really wants this game.

I have to go back out today cuz we need more xmas lights for the back porch. it's so nice this year to finally be able to do xmas right, instead of having to beg, borrow and steal just to get presents.
ibex7 responded:
Thanks for your replies, everybody. Just hearing about your plans and activities makes me think of things that I'll enjoy, too.

Believe me, one of my happiest times was getting a washer and dryer to replace going out to the laundromat. I still get a sense of accomplishment every time I do the wash and put clean clothes in the closet and dresser, Kitty. (wink)

Planning ahead is good, Jessica. Your limiting shopping this weekend will pay off later as Christmas nears.

And Cookie, the idea of just snuggling in with dh for the whole weekend may be the smartest happy time of all.

. . . . My neighbor, Gerald, just called to invite me along to see an action movie this afternoon. Movie, ehhh, but some company and buttered popcorn sounds really great. Enjoy, my friends.
ibex7 replied to lexismom11's response:
My s-i-l's family lives in Ellsworth and nephew Justyn has worn a Packers jacket since third grade (he's 22 now)

After last week's drumming, I still say I support da' Bears. Thanks. - goat

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