40mg Fluoxetine increase from 20mg
SFGiantsgirl posted:
My dr increasd my dose about two weeks ago but I still don't feel better. I tried Depakote DR (generic) 500mg but it didn't seem to help. Dr wanted to increase it but I said no. She says I'm Bipolar but who really knows anyway I was only on Depakote for a month. I also take generic Adderall but when it wears off I'm a basket case. Should I give it a full month? I don't have insurance right now or else I would be on Abilify, 20mg prozac, and Adderall.
lexismom11 responded:
I would give it a couple more weeks, but definitely not more than that. If you don't feel better by then, talk to your doctor. I'm not sure how long it should take for you to notice the difference from the increase in the meds.
bipoet001 responded:
Prozac takes between two and three weeks to begin to take effect. Depokote is a mood stabilizer. Adderall is a med for ADHD. It sounds like a mixed bag. Find out your diagnose and ask you doctor what each med is intended to do and when. David
SFGiantsgirl responded:
Thanks for responding. I will talk to her.
bpcookie responded:
Hey SFGiantsgirl, I haven't seen you here for a while. Nice to have you back. I bet you are THRILLED about SF Giants. You take care of yourself. hugs
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