Advice Please...
klg1976 posted:
My boyfriend is bipolar and has been doing so well. This past week, he decided to block me from his facebook, work 12 hour shifts and not answer my questions. His last text basically told me to chill out. I'm wondering if things were so good that he took himself off of his meds. I'm getting extremely stressed and frustrated as I really need to talk to him. Any helpful advice would be nice especially since I may be pregnant. Thank you.
davedsel57 responded:

I am sorry this is happening to you. It is just about impossible for any of us on an internet message board to know if your boyfriend has stopped taking his medication or if he simply wants a temporary break from you or to break up with you.

I have no idea how close or serious the two of you have been. You may want to continue to try and contact him and see if he will talk to you. Communication is essential in any relationship and he needs to let you know his intentions.

I hope this all works out for the best for the two of you.
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