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    Number of Providers before Settling on One
    laceymike posted:
    An organization recently cited in my personal chart that I have a 'history of changing providers'. Can you please refer me to a link or study referring to the average number of psychiatrists a client checks out prior to feeling comfortable? There is always a question of personality compatibility as well as whether the client feels that the information and medicine is working to help.

    What led to this was my dissatisfaction with the first two providers I was assigned. The third provider and I got along quite well and worked together for years. Then she took a lateral position leaving me in the same position I was originally in.I didn't like the first provider assigned but I'm currently in a good relationship with this second. I don't see this as a 'history of changing providers'.

    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
    lotus responded:
    I don't know of any site or study of what you ask. What you described sounds extremely reasonable. I have had the occassion to see something in my medical records that wasn't correct. Either it didn't occur that way or their assesment of me was wrong. Just because they are the professional doesn't mean they are correct all the time. Even though it was hard to read these comments. I finally let it go and forget about long as it is not interfering with my treatment.
    laceymike replied to lotus's response:
    Thanks for getting back with me, Donna. I object to the cavalier entry into my records for a couple of reasons. For example, if they are going to put it there it must be significant to someone for some reason and I fear it might affect how I'm treated. I have another session scheduled with the people who reported this in the results of the study. I don't know if they will be able to change it or not based on our discussion this next meeting but since the comment was made in my electronic record I'm just looking for references to back up my contention. Thanks very much, Donna.
    lotus replied to laceymike's response:
    I was a RN and I can tell you that they can not change or ommit the initial note in the chart legally. Wheather it was a paper or electronic chart. What they can do, is write in the notes of the next appt. Tell them their first note was subjective. You insist that they write an objective note reguarding your changes in providers.They can be more specific of exactly how many changes you have made and the reason why. Providers really understand the differences of objective and subjective notes..Objective statements carry more weight. The subjective comment "history of changing providers" could mean one thing to one person. Like changing every year. To another it mean changing every month. Also the conutation of changing providers is sometime linked to drug seekers. You can tell them that you feel that comment could affect your treatment.
    There is one more thing I would reccommend is to present it in a nice calm way. Not attacking or angry way. My mother always told me, "you always get more with sugar than vinegar"
    That goes double with the medical field.
    Please let me know if I explained this adequately or if you have any more questions. I wish you a satisfactory outcome Donna
    laceymike replied to lotus's response:

    Well, bad news but good advice. Thank you Donna. The sugar is advice well worth remembering, too. And I will note the 'subjective' inference.

    Thanks again,

    bpcookie responded:
    Hello Lacey, welcome to the board. I don't see whats wrong with you switching Dr.s I do it all the time. Its important for someone to feel comfortable with their Dr. So I don't understand why they put that in your chart. *shrug*. Sorry I couldn't help but I wanted to give you my opinion.
    You may go through life hearing a 1000 NO's but don't give up because your YES is out there waiting for you.- (Something my father told me.)
    laceymike replied to bpcookie's response:
    Thank you all for your suggestions and support. I appreciate it. Incidentally, I'm having trouble with the VA if that gives you a clue.
    ibex7 replied to laceymike's response:

    Please allow me to make a few comments regarding VA help that I have received. After losing a career in medical laboratory, my civilian medical insurance was $459 per month and when my savings were gone, I was refused coverage. Using an eligibility window thirteen years ago, as a Vietnam era Vet, I was admitted for BP II non- service related, High blood pressure, Type II dibetes, flat feet, surgical removal of a cancerous mole, a hereditary back deformity, and I needed glasses.

    In that time I have had 6 primary physicians, three psycologists, two surgeons, and a list of marvelouly helpful support nurses, technicians, and secretaries. On annual reviews I showed symptoms of PTSD.

    I retired last year and the VA provides my many medicines at $81 per month, still $400 less per year than Medicare co-pay would cost. Specialized diagnostics have saved me $15,000.

    I explain all of this to you to show that the VA system has stood behind me after no other insurer would. Try to give the system a chance if you can. Best wishes to you and your future. - goa.
    lotus replied to ibex7's response:
    Thanks for the information goa. I am just starting with the VA to help with my medication and (God forbid) if I need to go in the hospital again. I really love my private PCP, PDOC and TDOC. I have Humana medicare and it is ok but doesn't all my meds. I am not sure how the VA will work with this. Do I have to give up my docs. Plus I am on VA part 7. Which means I could be drop if my income changes or if my expenses decreases. So far my initial experences with the VA has been very positive. Donna
    ibex7 replied to lotus's response:
    Thanks Donna,

    My VA PCP has been helpful while I search for lower co-pay rates through Medicare. I have routine age related exams due in January, and like 10 years ago, would like to rely on my local system for care.

    Please forgive certain spelling errors you may find here. My old keyboad has become unreliable. (Maybe its my fingers) Hah! - goat

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