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Dr. G~Lithium Question
DizzyJgirl posted:
Dr. G...I have been on Lithium at 1800mgs/day (900 am and pm) for several years. My levels were usually about 1.0. Recently, my dose went down to half of that (900mg: 450mg am and pm). It was my doing but my dr knows about it and has ok'ed it with monitoring. I am not manic and actually feel about the same as I did on the higher dose but maybe a tiny bit better overall. Still taking 450mg of Wellbutrin.

I have been on the lower dose for about 2 weeks now. Is it safe to say that how I feel currently will be the new "norm" for me or can I expect things to change further? Thanks!
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Joseph F Goldberg, MD responded:
Dear DizzyJgirl,

Halving a lithium dose might result in fewer side effects, possibly side effects you may not have been aware of, such as slowed thinking, memory problems, or feeling "dull." A blood level of 1.0 is around the upper limit of the usual range during long-term/relapse prevention therapy with lithium (normal being about 0.6-1.0). It would be useful to find out what the new steady-state level is -- if it's at the lower end of this range, or below this range, then you might be more vulnerable to a relapse, and in collaboration with your doctor you might consider a mid-way dose that might minimize any side effects you could have been experiencing. If someone benefitted more from a higher than a lower medication dose (or, for that matter, if they stopped a medicine like lithium altogether), it's not so likely that they would notice any sort of relapse all that instantly -- might be weeks, or months, or even longer, or possibly not at all. Hard to try to predict.

Dr. G.
DizzyJgirl replied to Joseph F Goldberg, MD's response:
Thank you!
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