antidepressants out of your system
An_249142 posted:
If I stopped taking 20 mg of saphris, 250 mg of lamictal, 3 (0.5 mg) tabs of klonopin, and 100 mg of pristiq tomorrow (12-5-12), how long would it take for the drungs to get out of my system?
lotus responded:
I don't know if you saw it, but Dr. G responded to your earlier post concerning this question. It was about a week ago. I would highly reccommend not stopping all your medication cold turkey. Please, if you want to stop your meds., do it under a pdoc supervision. I stopped my Cymbalta cold turkey and within 4 days I had constant nausea and vomiting because of it. I restarted and I was fine. Not only do you have the possiblity of having side effects from stopping the medication. What about the symptoms/diagnosis you were taking it for. They might reocurr. Is there a reason you want to stop all of them now. If you can't find your original post with Dr. G response. Let us know. maybe there is another way to find it.