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    Holiday Season Craziness And Funky Fun
    bpcookie posted:

    1. Putting up the Christmas lights then finding out that they don't work.

    2. Trying to find that one bulb on the string of lights that is causing the problem.

    3. Running out of tape.

    4. Crowded stores

    5. Maniac drivers.

    6. Black Friday

    7. Christmas decorations that come out before Halloween at all the stores.

    8. The Jewelry commercials. Yea, you better buy your woman jewelry to show her that you love her. Like "every kiss begins with Kay,s"

    Funky Fun:

    1. All the houses decorated with lights

    2. Giving gifts

    3. All the yummies. Chocolates, Cookies, nut meg, hot chocolate

    4. Spreading Christmas cheer.

    5. Sending and getting Christmas cards

    6. Buying someone that PERFECT gift that lights up their eyes. Thats when you know that you picked the right gift.

    7. Stockings

    8. The Nut Cracker Ballet

    So what is your list??
    You may go through life hearing a 1000 NO's but don't give up because your YES is out there waiting for you.- (Something my father told me.)
    monkeybee responded:
    I love when all the lights get messed up, fun, fun!


    1) Going to 4 different houses in one day

    2) 6 different Christmas parties during the season.

    3) Grandparents doing "santa" too and the kids getting WAY too many gifts.

    4) That one toy or item everyone has to have that every store is sold out of.

    Funky Fun

    1) Dancing to Tammy Wynette's One Happy Christmas (its a family tradition )

    2) Baking and decorating Christmas cookies

    3) Seeing the kiddos faces as they open gifts and reliving santa through my kids.

    4) The increased cheer everyone seems to have.

    5) National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Elf

    6) Picking out and putting up a real Christmas tree.

    7) Singing Christmas carols
    slik_kitty responded:
    get led lights. then you don't have to mess with them every year. they're more expensive, but they last longer. plus you can buy them on a spool so they don't tangle up for the next year. oh, and you test the lights before you put them on the tree. lol


    1, tons of shoppers wherever you go

    2. 5 hour energy as gifts commercial. who would do that?

    funky fun

    1. all the houses with lights. there's one house that totally decorates their house and yard. you can see their house from miles away. i'd hate to have their bill though. lol

    2. giving presents and seeing happy faces.

    3. family

    4. rudolph and the grinch
    bpcookie replied to monkeybee's response:
    Monkeybee, Remember when the Cabbage Kid dolls were so popular that the stores were running out of them at Christmas? It was total chaos. You may be too young to even know what a Cabbage Kid doll is.
    You may go through life hearing a 1000 NO's but don't give up because your YES is out there waiting for you.- (Something my father told me.)
    bpcookie replied to slik_kitty's response:
    Kitty honey, at Halloween I plugged in all the lights to make sure that they worked. Then I climbed up the ladder over and over again putting them on my house. When I plugged them in, one string didnt work. I was pissed. lol. So checking them early doesnt always work.

    I love the movie How The Grinch Stole Christmas. The dog in the movie is so adorable.
    You may go through life hearing a 1000 NO's but don't give up because your YES is out there waiting for you.- (Something my father told me.)
    sandtiger responded:

    1> There never being enough cans of pumpkin mix at the grocer

    2> Trying to explain why 'the Christmas Spirit' isn't always present at big parties due to anxiety

    3> Contemplating something you really, really, really want for yourself but you know no one will buy

    4> Getting that ONE PERFECT gift you know a person will LOVE ... and then watching as they open it and go, 'oh ... thanks'

    Funky Fun:

    1> Shopping for the kids in the family

    2> How the Grinch Stole Christmas (song and movie)

    3> Ukranian Bells carol

    4> Decorating the tree/house with the kiddo

    ~ San
    :: Living is more than just being alive - Anberlin ::
    bpcookie replied to sandtiger's response:
    When I had my step kids and my daughter, I would put them all to bed and then put on a red outfit and I had a red cloak with a hood. I put a bunch of empty boxes in a garbage bag and tide a white t-shirt around my chin. I would walk back and forth in front of their bed room window ringing a bell and saying "ho ho ho". The crazy things you will do for your kids.
    You may go through life hearing a 1000 NO's but don't give up because your YES is out there waiting for you.- (Something my father told me.)
    jselleck replied to sandtiger's response:

    Calling family at the big Christmas party and EVERYONE asking when are you going to be home for Christmas again?

    Trying to get presents for everyone bought and shipped home without spending a bloody fortune.

    Christmas music being played WAAAAY too early and on all your favorite stations.

    Car trouble that costs waaay too much to pay for and takes all your money.

    Management of the apartment complex we live in giving us five days to move all our stuff out and store it somehow so they can lay new carpet which the city is making them do, and spending too much money in the process.

    Not being able to spend time with family during the holidays, especially my nieces and nephew.


    Talking to family at the big Christmas party, especially family that is in the service and doesn't always get home for the holidays.

    FINALLY having the truck fixed and not having to pay for the rental car which we had for almost three weeks.

    Having great friends who are willing to help when you're in a bind.

    A wonderful caring husband who loves me no matter what, even when I'm acting crazy and my bp is really bad.

    Family who loves me and cares for me even when I haven't seen them in a long time.

    Fantastic grandparents who will do anything for me, even though we're 14 hours apart. And that's without traffic. They give great advice too!!!

    Great friends on this board who stand up for one another and are there for each other. Missed you Snowy!!!!

    My friend Melly who was willing to hang out with me while she lived in Dallas, even when I was manic and driving everyone else crazy. Miss you dearly girl!!!

    My sister in law Kirstin who was brave enough to let me spend a whole month with her and the family and really get to know the kids. I'm sooo proud of my niece Melanna who is leaving for boot camp in January. She's going to be a nurse in the Air Force. We love you girl!!!

    Finally my uncle Charlie who taught me a lot in life and gave me my first job. I miss you a lot!!! Wish you were still here.
    monkeybee replied to bpcookie's response:

    I was born the year of the cabbage patch craze. The first one I really remember is the tickle me elmo.

    Also, haha, the santa suit, I love it. I'm not creative enough for that. We just bake cookies and this year we're doing reindeer food this year. You sprinkle it in the yard.
    monkeybee replied to sandtiger's response:

    OMG!! My stores are always out of pumpkin too and I always make a dessert that needs one. I've started buying it earlier because I've learned! I love the grinch song and movie too. I just love watching Christmas movies period, especially funny ones!
    sandtiger replied to monkeybee's response:
    Monkey - I learned my lesson a while ago and stock up during the summer months, but this year I forgot ... so instead of making pumpkin bread like I'm dying to, I have to wait and bide my time until I find some again ... lol!

    ~ San
    :: Living is more than just being alive - Anberlin ::
    jselleck replied to sandtiger's response:
    My mom makes the best pumpkin bread!! That and banana nut bread. No matter how hard I try mine never comes out the same as hers. She also makes these awesome pumpkin spice cookies. At least those I can make!!! Unfortunetly I'm the only one who likes them. And boy are they fattening. Are there any Aldi's in your area guys??? They always have pumpkin and they are a lot cheaper than other grocery stores. Hope you all have a great Christmas!!!

    bpcookie replied to monkeybee's response:
    aaaawwwwwww reindeer food, how adorable. What a great idea.
    You may go through life hearing a 1000 NO's but don't give up because your YES is out there waiting for you.- (Something my father told me.)
    bpcookie replied to jselleck's response:
    OMG, J honey, I can't believe that your apt. complex is making you do that. I mean, is it even legal to force you to move all your stuff so that THEY can lay carpet?

    The ppl on this board are a tight group and its true that we stick up for each other. We do that because we love one another, just like we were family.
    You may go through life hearing a 1000 NO's but don't give up because your YES is out there waiting for you.- (Something my father told me.)
    snowyowl33 replied to jselleck's response:
    Jselleck!!!!! hugs hon, great to see you!! how are things going in your world hon? awwww missed you too. It's so good to see so many familiar faces here on the board..good friends are worth their weight in gold that's for sure......have you been moving around? ......

    Big hugs to you hon,

    People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost. Dalai Lama

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