7 Day's Till Christmas Daily Bipolar Post/ Poss. triggers
bpcookie posted:
Hello dahlings

Weather: nice

Sleep: good

Mood: groovy. I just need to stay away from stressful situations because right now I'm a time bomb. Dang menopause!!!.

Plans: ADT dude coming out to fix our alarm system that they had fixed last week. Hope this is their last trip. Last night our alarm was having a tizzy fit and I had totally lost my patience, called them up, flipped out and then handed the phone to hubby. He is so much more calm than me. . Today I will practice patience.

You all have a great day and don't forget, Santa is checking his list. hugs
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ddnos responded:
Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppp!! That's your alarm working! lol

I hope you had a good day, Cookie!

Weather - windy, rainy, cold

Sleep - good, too much

Mood - unmotivated, lazy (are those moods?)

Plans - get a life
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DizzyJgirl responded:
Its late but better late than never?

Weather: was snow, ice this morning

Sleep: ok

Mood:ok, some anxiety

Plans: today I mailed Xmas cards out and wrapped a few presents.

It looks like another trip to the Vets tomorrow with my older dog. She will not stop chewing/licking herself and has several sores and then just a bit ago tonight she had a nosebleed. That has me worried.

Hope everyone is doing good. There was no school today so I didn't get a chance to get online earlier. Take care!
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