Tinsel Tuesday Daily Post - could containt TRIGGERS
ddnos posted:
Good morning everyone!

Weather - cool 35 degrees

Sleep - Ok

Mood - fine

Plans - going to coffee with my neighbor in little over an hour, then we'll go to the Mall to return something, need to pick up a few things at grocery store, get house cleaning done before going to my mom's tomorrow or next, make a business phone call, hopefully go for a walk, and get a few misc things done before bed; call my brother and call my mom to confirm day going there - her husband will be gone to detox again - he's going this morning! YEAH! I was nervous about going there with him there this time, but won't have to worry about it, and glad my mom will get a break from him for hopefully 30 days if eh stays the whole time.

Have a great day!
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bpcookie responded:
Good morning my little pretties and your little dogs too,

Weather: very nice

Sleep: Thanks to Lunesta.I slept pretty good.But I woke up not being able to breath well because the cold air was causing asmtha probs.. I took a Lorazepam to help my asthma, moved into the spare room and brought in a space heater. So Im feeling pretty good now.

Mood: far out and groovy babies.

Plans: a bit of cleaning. I have a follow up apt. with the pain specialist and I will prob. make an apt. to have the REAL procedure done. I'm going to request that they do both sides at the same time because the cost is killing us. Then Im going to be hanging out in the town of Frostbluff. Its a make believe town thats throwing a make believe Yule Festival. I will be wearing my make believe best dresses and riding my make believe horses. Too much fun.

hugs to all
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purpledolphingirl4 responded:

Weather: chilly out and sunny.

Mood: good

Sleep: good

Plans: clean up my apt get it ready for visitors for a small party.

DizzyJgirl responded:

Weather: rainy

Sleep: ok

Mood: ok

Plans: wrap presents, take dog to the Vets. Maybe some baking.

Hope everyone has a good day!
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monkeybee replied to DizzyJgirl's response:
Hey guys!

Weather: cold

Sleep: little

Mood: low, Christmas Spirit has hit this house though.

Plans: I went to my new therapist who I still very much like and got a break from the kiddos. Now I'm hanging out while the currently 5 kiddos in my house watch Brave.