Christmas Morn. Daily Post
snowyowl33 posted:
Morning All!! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone!

Yes, I'm helping Santa deliver his goodies tonight, he ran into a wee problem that's why I am still up at 3AM.....

I hope everyone enjoys today, ( don't forget to take a deep breath if any tensions the holidays, they too will pass)

ok so here we go....

Weather: uhhhhhh dunno it's pitch black out there

Mood: getting sleepy now that it's 4AM....

Sleep: Let's not even go there!

Plans: Go to Mom's for a bit,open presents, have lunch, drop presents at friends, back home then another friends coming over for a little

Word of the Day: Timorous
Meaning: adj. Showing or suffering from nervousness, fear, or a lack of confidence: "A timorous demeanor."

Ok don't don't lose your heads today, hahahaa!!!!

Big Hugs to all and have a great Holiday.

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bpcookie responded:
Merry Christmas everyone

Weather: very nice

Sleep: good

Mood: great

Plans opened gifts. I got nail polish, lip stick, clothes, 100 years special edition Titanic collection, two dvd's, bottle of Italian wine, chocolates, sausage, and some other things. My hubby liked the gifts I gave him, especially a hand made shield (real shield, heavy too) with our family crest hand painted on it. My Chewy was so darn adorable getting things out of her stocking. She was putting her entire head inside and dragging out stuffies. Sooooo cute. Anyways, we are about to sit down for dinner. Love you all. Hope your all doing well. muahs
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mattthecat responded:
Merry Christmas and big howdy from the great state of Texas.[br>[br>Weather: Santa has brought all the boys and girls snow for Christmas.
[br>Sleep: some still have plenty of time i am a day sleeper.[br>[br>Mood: N/A . I am a little down it is my first Christmas with out my grand mother raised me. She died earlier this month and was 88 years old. She was a wonderful women and will be missed.[br>[br>Plans: spend time with my wife,cats and sleep on and off.
mercygive responded:
To All -

Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas! We Texans are having a white Christmas this year and it is beautiful to watch from inside our warm cozy home. Hope everyone enjoys the day with family and friends.
jselleck replied to mercygive's response:
Merry Christmas my friend. Can you say sick of winter!!! The idiots around us don't know how to handle snow so we're pretty much stranded and can't go nowhere for a couple of days. I miss Indiana sooo much right now. They know what to do with snow!!! It's called salt, salt, and more salt. When oh when will these idiots learn that sand does nothing to snow!!! Except make a mess!!!!

Weather: Started out with rain, switched over to snow around 1 or so, now it's down in the 20's and we've got about 2 or 3 inches of snow. Pretty to look at, but a pain to go anywhere in.

Sleep: So so. Woke up early to call my cousins in Greenwood, IN, really nice talk with them. Fell asleep later in front of the tv.

Mood: Can't really say. Was fine this morning, had a fight with Matt about an hour ago. Still upset over that.

Plans: Snuggle up with hubbie and try to stay warm. Got really nice presents from family including two cat purses. And tooo much jewelry!!! I've asked my sister again and again not to buy me any more, and without fail every birthday and Christmas she buys me more. At least this time she got me some I actually like and may wear. Unfortunately we got the worst present of all. Snow!!! And freezing temps. It's only supposed to get up to 34 tomorrow, with single digit wind chills. Reminds me of winter back home. Only problem is the very interesting people in charge of our roads don't know the meaning or use of salt. They use sand instead. Can you say stupid??? Oh how I wish for the enlightened folks back home!!!! 3 inches is nothing for them. Well I've complained enough. Hope you all have/had a great day. And stay warm!!

monkeybee replied to jselleck's response:
YAY Christmas! I hope it was great for everyone!

Weather: cold, cold and more cold

Sleep: Little

Mood: Very anxious today, glad to be home with my family

Plans: Had a wonderful morning with my family, then off to 3 different Christmas parties. Now home and hoping for a good night of uninterrupted rest.