So long for a while
jselleck posted:
Hello to all my friends. I went to see the orthopedist that my back doctor refereed me to for joint pain. And guess what!!! I've got tennis elbow in my right arm. Which means no more computer for at least a week. Just wanted to let you all know why I disappeared for a while. Take care everybody, and hope you all have a happy blessed New Year.

monkeybee responded:

Sorry to hear about your joint pain and tennis elbow, OUCH! I hope your break helps and I'll miss seeing you around here. Get rested and wel!

snowyowl33 responded:

Take care of that elbow hon (tho maybe it's from all the "fork to mouth" movements over the holidays???? ... it affects me differently, ......Snowy groans and holds her aching

Sending hugs, see you soon and thanks for letting us know.

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slik_kitty responded:
know how painful that is. did they give you a brace for your arm? it gives the tendon a place to anchor to so the inflammation can heal faster. hope you feel better soon.
jselleck replied to slik_kitty's response:
Finally can reply!!! Thanks for all the good wishes. No brace but I bought one on my own. It's been helping. So did the break. I'm back now, but may have to leave again. See the doc on Monday afternoon, so we'll see. Take care.