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No one to talk to about my bipolar
An_249608 posted:
I have been bipolar for many years and it doesnt get any better. My doctor doesnt want to change my medicine even though i tell him repeatedly that it is not working. I get overwhelmed when i am around people then i get manic and make a perfect fool out of myself.I talk too loud say inapprobiate things,then i come home and think about it and just want to die.Its like something takes over and i cant control it.It really is a bipolar hell.After these episodes if i could close my eyes and die i would.
ddnos responded:
Hello - if you're doctor won't change your meds and is completely closed minded about that, then it's time to find a different doctor! May I ask what kind of doctor you are seeing? Is he a psychiatrist or a general practitioner? It's best to see someone who is qualified and trained in psychotropic medications, i.e. a psychiatrist - not that all of them are good at what they do. But regardless of what kind of doctor you are seeing, he is obviously not helping you, nor willing to listen to what you say about how the meds are working or not working for you. You don't need to stay with someone like that, and in fact, if you do stay, you're not going to get better and yo'll be wasting your time and money. So do yourself a favor and somehow find a new doc.

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snowyowl33 responded:
Hi An_249608,

Have you explained in detail how you are feeling to your doctor, and why exactly you are wanting to review your meds?
What reasons is he giving for not wanting to change/adjust them?
Are any of the meds you're taking now geared towards helping you with anxiety?
Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to get a better understanding of your situation.

Welcome to the Board, we are here to help however we are able.

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gabzgrl responded:
I had similar issues. Changed doctors and it made a world of difference. It also helped me to have a woman doctor and not a man, because I'm a woman and my psychiatrist had a very patronizing attitude. If I didn't want anti-depressants because I know i'm prone to mania--he'd chalk it up to being med resistant or in denial. Now I'm getting too much help. Haha.

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