Here And There
bpcookie posted:
Hey peeps, sorry that I haven't been around much. Me and the hubby have been very busy. I'm tired of being busy. uuuggghhh. My hubby has been home for the past week and will also be home for one more week. So I will be busy for yet another week (NO NO NO, not THAT kind of busy. Get your minds out of the gutter). Just wanted to let ya know that I have been thinking of ya's. I hope your all well!!! Behave yourselves on New Years Eve and stay safe. If I don't get to get a chance to say it before, then HAPPY NEW YEARS.

You may go through life hearing a 1000 NO's but don't give up because your YES is out there waiting for you.- (Something my father told me.)
monkeybee responded:
Hi Ms. Cookie and happy new year to you and your hubby! Thanks for the smile!