Do I have Reactive Hypoglycemia
AFAB_COL posted:
On my last blood test my post glucose (after I had breakfast and then took a blood sample 2 hours later) it came back as 65ml/dl is this too low or is it a normal reading I am 19 years old, I am not overweight in fact I am underweight, I don't smoke and no one in my family has diabetes and I personally never rely had sweat tooth. They said this could be sign of reactive hypoglycemia and lead to insulin resistance and then type 2 diabetes. The doctor recommended me to eat more often and to let my pancreas normalize it's insulin production.
I this possible I don't want to become a diabetes not with all of the risks it brings.

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ddnos responded:
HI Afab_col -

We are not doctors here, so I would consult with your doctor about it, and if you're not confident about his/her diagnosis, then I'd seek out a second opinion.

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