Mother, son relationship
An_249768 posted:
Is it appropriate for a mother of a 15 year old son to ritualistically sit next to her son at night on the couch, holding his hand, put her leg over his, and pull his hand onto her leg and in between them? She tells her son how much she loves him, puts her arm around his neck and sets for hours like this.She use to rub noises with her son as they sat next to each other but have started kissing on the check now. Son has reached Puberty and is aware of the opposite sex although he doesn't have female friends his age to associate with. Son has Downs Syndrome and is very withdrawn when he is not around his mother( head and eyes down, voice inaudible and movement very slow.) Am I looking at this wrong?
bpcookie responded:
Are you a friend, family member or? Just wondering how you fit into all of this. Its hard to say whats right and whats wrong. The only way someone could judge their behavior is if that person lives in the same house. Also, what one person may see as normal, another person may see as abnormal.
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