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Responce to Dr. Phil "bipolar" show today
ddnos posted:
Well, hmmm, ummmm, yeah. lol

First of all, I did NOT like when Dr. Phil looked at the girl diag with bipolar and said something like she didn't seem to "look" like she was really bipolar. He didn't say she wasn't - and he said he didn't know one way or the other, which was a totally fair assesment given that he was not there to diagnose her, nor do I know if he's trained to do as such; but to say to her from his observation she didn't appear to fit the diag of bipolar was just totally a bizzar thing for him to say, in my opinion! I mean, not the best doctor in the world could diagnose ANYONE by looking at him/her! LOL Sheeeeeeeeeesh! Doesn't take a brain surgean re that one! lol So I don't know what he was thinking when he saiid that!

As far as some of the things that Dr. Phil said to the sister and mother and how they were behaving, I liked!

One thing that sort of surprised me that he didn't address is that in the beginning of the show, I remember the girl saying that she stopped taking her meds, but when she was taking them, she was doing better. So why didn't Dr. Phil address the medication issue? Doesn't he know that if indeed she does have bipolar that she MUST take medication to help control it? So regardless if he knew if she had bipolar or not, he should have brought up the point that if she is, then she needs to be on her meds!!

RE the next segment of DID - well, I've heard him talk about that one before and how in 30 years, he's never seen anyone who genuinely has DID (MPD)! He states that DID is extremely rare and how it's a controversial diagnosis among the mental health profession - which I know it is. BUt what I don't understand is how can it be such a difficult thing for trained therapists (especially) to doubt the existance of DID when they can believe other complicated mental illnesses and behaviors of such???? They try to explain it away by science when even in my feeble mind, it's SO easy to understand how the mind could learn to escape due to severe abuse of various kinds! I mean, the whole DID System is not always easy to understand or explain, but how it can happen and DOES happen makes PERFECT sense to me! In fact, I think it's one of the minds most brilliant ways of coping with the severe trauma of a child!

Sigh - so that's my 2 cents worth on the show; what's yours?

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