Normal vs Bipolar reaction
monkeybee posted:
Does anyone else struggle with knowing whether or not a reaction is normal or because of Bipolar symptoms? Like for instance, if you are driving home and become panicked that you and your children are going to wreck and can look at that in hindsight and say, ok, this is not rational. But, if you're at the grocery store at night and you start to think everyone is looking at you and could be wanting to hurt you, is this normal? Isn't it normal for a woman to be afraid at night? I can't always tell if a reaction is normal or could be a concern. Does anyone else do this? Do you learn the difference in time? Does it matter? Am I over thinking and worrying too much? I've probably asked a reworded version of this question before because I have struggled with it so much lately. Anyway, I am just thinking out loud. And I am afraid of paranoia spiriling again. Thoughts?

slik_kitty responded:
if you start grouping everyone together in your thought, then i would think that is more paranoia than a natural fear. yes it is ok for a woman to be afraid of people at night, but the normal thought process would be to pay attention to others around you, be aware of your surroundings at all times, but not to assume that everyone is out to hurt you. that's my opinion, i'm not a doc though.
monkeybee replied to slik_kitty's response:
Thank you slik_kitty. That makes sense. I'm trying to be more self aware so I don't have to depend on other people to tell me when something is out of hand. Sometimes that's hard to do.